About Us

Hello Darlings!

We are Kristi and Janine...friends almost since birth, who have grown up finishing each other's sentences.   Closer than sisters, we love makeup and fashion and all things lovely...and we want to share our loves and our lives with you.

Through this blog, we’ll share our thoughts about health and beauty products that we find and try each week.  We’ll lay it on the line and be honest when it comes to fun trends in fashion, and tell you, with hard hitting honesty you’ll only find from the best Wyoming girls, when those trends are ridiculous and that you ought to steer clear.  Sometimes we might find ourselves wandering off topic…but stay with us…because we’ll find our way back and hopefully always make you smile.

We love makeup, and clothes, and shoes, and jewelry.  We live for flowers, and babies, and laughing, and having fun.  We love our families, we love our lives, and we love Wyoming.  We love talking about all these things…and more…and we’d love nothing more than for you to join our conversation.

Let’s chat!

Love & Smiles,


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