Monday, October 27, 2014

Younique Liners--They're At It Again!

Hey Ladies!

I wanted to share some awesome news with you…because who doesn’t love awesome news?  

We all love awesome news!

We’ve told you in the past that we’ve been exposed to, and have fallen in love with, Younique products, and we know your Facebook pages and Instagram feeds have blown up with Younique posts since the last time we talked about them.  

Well, our super cool friend Debi has hooked us up again…and Younique went ahead and outdid themselves!

For all you eyeliner lovers out there…you know who you are…Younique has introduced Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eye Liners in TEN fabulous shades.  J is an eyeliner-aholic, so she almost DIED when she read up on these beauties.  

Debi sent us two of the eye liners, one in “Perfect,” (J’s new favorite black!) and one in “Passionate,” (a vibrant and bold purple shade) to try out, and we weren’t disappointed.   

They are smooth, easy to apply—no pulling—and super pigmented.  And…probably best of all…they stay ALL DAY LONG. 

Seriously…unless you want them to come off…and you get out your makeup remover and take them off…they aren’t budging…even J’s notoriously watery eyes didn’t put a dent in their action.  LOVE! 

As if a line of sweet Eye Liners isn’t enough, Younique also released Moodstruck Precision Pencil Lip Liner…in five shades to match whatever look you’re craving!

We got the neutral shade “Pouty” to give the product a whirl…

...and J filled her whole pout in with the neutral shade.  Guess what—her lips were tinted all day long!  While she had to reapply her gloss to keep them shiny…the color lasted and lasted!  Woohoo! 

All in all, we never doubted that these lovely goodies would be anything less than fabulous…but they absolutely exceeded even our highest expectations…is there a grade higher than an A+?  If so…it belongs to Younique!

J sporting her new favorite liners...on her eyes and her lips!

If you’re interested in picking up one (or more!) of these fabulous liners, hit Debi up…she’s got the goods and will take great care of you! 

Happy lining…let us know how you like these and other Younique products!


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