Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2 Minute Review: Younique Cosmetics' Glorious Face & Eye Mineral Makeup Primer

Hey All!

In keeping with our "Younique" theme for the week, we're excited to talk today about Primer.

I don't know about you, but I have been a makeup addict for my entire life.  This isn't to say that I have always known or used the best practices in my makeup application.  I can readily admit that in my youth, I didn't always know what I was doing, and consequently may not have always looked as good as I thought I looked...

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Over the years, however, I have become a professional student of all things beauty; I love learning about practices and products that will make my beauty life...well...more beautiful.  :)

Some of my very favorite products...that I never knew about as a dim-witted youngster...are quality primers for face and eyes.  I really don't know how I survived in a world without primer....but I'm pretty sure I looked like a melted faced weirdo by the end of every day...:(

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Over the years I've tried plenty of different primers...(some great...some not!)...and was really eager to try out Younique's Glorious Face & Eye Mineral Primer.

If you don't currently use a primer, you should consider giving Glorious a try.  There are a lot of different types of primer out there, and I was happy to find that Glorious is my favorite that it is kind of a clear gel/serum type primer...rather than a lotion or matte primer.  That right there is my personal preference...and if you like other types of primer...that's cool...but for me...the clear serums work the I feel like they have the most flawless/grease-free absorption.

It will make a HUGE difference in the way that your makeup applies. Using just a small amount (honestly, the size of a pea) of the miracle potion all over your face before applying your foundation, you'll find your skin will be SO smooth, imperfections/unevenness will be balanced, and most importantly, your makeup will go on much more evenly than it usually does.  And...if that isn't reason enough to give it a whirl, I promise you that your make will CONTINUE to look smooth and even throughout the day when you use this primer.  Melty gross faces CAN be a thing of the past, ladies!  :)

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We feel confident in giving Glorious Face & Eye Primer two WyoSparkles thumbs up...we think you'll love it, too.  To try Glorious out, or to take a look at other products from Younique, check out Debi's site here.  If you do grab it...make sure to let us know what you think!

Hope you're having a great day!

Smiles & Sparkles

Disclaimer: While these products were sent to us free of charge, our opinions are honest and are our own.  WyoSparkles would never recommend a product that we aren't willing to use, and do not accept monetary compensation to promote any product or service.


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