Monday, October 14, 2013

2 Minute Review: Arganesse Hair Treatment

Let me tell you something about my hair.  My hair…is a mystery.  A mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a tendency to go all frizzy in some areas while going all curly in other areas and making me cry and wish I was one of those girls who could shave her head and still look good.  Yes…my hair and I have an interesting relationship.  I’m always trying to tame it.  It’s always trying to run free.  Sometimes we find a place to compromise.  Other times…I’m stuck in bun land.
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Because I don’t want to be that girl who pulls her hair into a bun every day...(I actually look ridiculous in a bun,'s not for public consumption)...I fight a constant battle with my hair to get it to look decent.  My daily routine generally consists of deep conditioner, leave in frizz control cream, blow drying with a paddle brush, flat ironing almost my entire head, followed by a lot of finger crossing and offering of bargains to the hair gods.  I’m sure that more often than not, I look like one of those exasperated people in a hair product infomercial.

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Because I actually don’t enjoy devoting SO much time and effort to my hair, I am always on the lookout for products that will help my hair routine become more simple.  In the sea of hair products out there, I’ve caught some winners from time to time…and I’ve caught plenty of charlatans that are only pretending to be good products. 

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Recently, we were given the opportunity to try out a product that neither of us had seen before: Arganesse Hair Treatment.

 The tagline for this leave in serum, formulated with argan oil, is this:

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I, for one, am always in favor of looking amazing, and if I can control frizz AND add shine while I’m at it, I’m all about that business.  SOOOO…when Arganesse sent us the product to try, I was super excited to put it to the test.  Would it give my hair the “royal treatment” that it claimed it would…or would it fall into the ranks of other products that promised to tame my tresses, only to leave me in mandatory bun induced tears?

I gotta say…I was impressed.  First off, it smells REALLY good.  Smell is a big BIG deal to me…and I think if I found a product that worked perfectly but didn’t smell good…I would have a hard time using it.  Sorry…that’s the breaks.  If I can’t make my hair always look good…I’m going to at least make sure that it’s ALWAYS going to smell good.  These stuff…fits the bill.  I love the fragrance.

I was a little worried at first, because I’ve had problems with oil based serums leaving my hair feeling heavy or weighed down, but the Arganesse didn’t leave me feeling limp at all.  Instead, once I went to dry my hair, I found that it felt not only light, but also softer and silkier than it has in ages.  My usual kinks and waves were nowhere to be found when I’d finished drying my hair with a paddle brush, and I only had to smooth a few small areas with my flat iron before my hair was ready to go. 

IT WAS A MIRACLE.  And...halfway through the day, my hair is still silky and smooth, and nary a mid-day, “I’ve been resting on your collar and so I think I should probably mysteriously form a weird bowed out crease in the back of your head” problem is to be found. 

In short...I’m in love.

A full sized bottle of Arganesse Hair Treatment retails for around $120, which is on the pricier side, for sure.  However…I really only used a dime sized dollop this morning…(not the quarter sized dollop recommended on the package)...

…and it did wonders with that small amount.  I have no doubt that the bottle will last at least 6 months, if not longer.  Considering how long the bottle will last, and the money I’ve spent on products that DON’T do what they claim to do…I think it’s a smart buy…and one I can honestly feel good about recommending.

Do you have unruly and hard to manage hair like I do?  What is your favorite product to tame your tresses?


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