Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2 Minute Review: Prestige WonderGloss Nail Lacquer

It will come as no shock to most of you that we love painting our nails.  Just like doing our makeup, we love the creative freedom that comes from being able to switch our colors as often as we like, trying new colors, brands, nail art, and top coats as often as we find them.

With this kind of nail polish love, it probably goes without saying that we have plenty of favorite polishes.  We also have plenty of “shoot me if I ever even consider using this stuff again” polishes.  When we find something that works…we are extremely loyal…but when we find something that doesn’t, we have no problems putting it on full blast if we're unimpressed...

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What does it take to earn a place on our “good” list?  It’s pretty simple, really. To keep its spot in our polish rotation, a polish should:

Paint smoothly…streaks are a no go!
Actually be the color it claims to be.  There is a time and place for sheer colors, but nothing is worse than buying a gorgeous shade only to find that it is 99% see-through upon application.
Stay put…even with stellar top coats, some polishes refuse to stay chip free…Boo!
REALLY dry within a reasonable amount of time.  We don’t need all polishes to be quick dry…(that even causes some problems with some nail art)…but none of us has ALL NIGHT to wait for polish to dry…and morning bedsheet nails are the worst!

It is with this short, but important, list of requirements that we make our way into the polish world every day.  We’re always on the lookout for fun new color choices, and look forward to being wowed by new polish lines that we’ve not used before.

Enter WonderGloss nail lacquer from Prestige Cosmetics.

Image courtesy of Prestige Cosmetics

A few weeks ago, we were offered the opportunity to try this new line from Prestige, and considering the glorious love affairs we have had with Prestige products in the past, we were more than eager to jump on the chance to try them out.

Prestige sent us two bottles of the polish to review:  Pop, a rich berry color, and Treasure, a grey/gold metallic shade.

J thought the colors were a great duo, complimenting each other well, and whipped out this fun mani on her freshly done nails:

The polish looks great, right?  But how did it live up to our expectations from a quality polish?

Both polishes painted fairly smoothly…the metallic one was especially easy to use, almost providing full coverage with one coat.  J did two coats of both colors, though.
Both colors were true to their purported shade…no flimsy see through shades here!
Neither shade chipped or faded before J’s next mani…woohoo!
Dry time on the polishes was just about perfect.  Nails didn’t dry too quickly, so as to be uneven, but were dry, with a super shiny gloss finish, and ready to topcoat in less than 10 minutes!

That’s it, ladies…Prestige has lived up to our toughest polish test…and has lived up to its rock solid reputation as a company that always brings its best work to the table…always matching or exceeding “high end” quality for a fraction of the price.

The  WonderGloss collection features 27 gorgeous shades…ranging from conservative neutrals to bright and fun pops of color.  Don’t run to the store, though…the polishes are available exclusively at Prestige’s website: PrestigeCosmetics.com, and sell for just under $4 per bottle.  We can’t wait to grab more!

Have you tried these polishes from Prestige yet?  What’s your all time favorite nail polish line?


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