Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is This Heaven? No...It's Summertime and Ipsy!

Hey Darlings!

We’re halfway through May and have finally reached our favorite time of the year here in Wyoming…it’s summer!  We are addicted to sunshine and soft breezes and all the colors that summer brings; in other words, we’re two very happy Sparkles over here!

Speaking of happy…the only thing that could have made this warm and breezy week better for us was the arrival of our May Ipsy bags…and since they did, in fact, arrive…we’re all smiles!!

Let’s see what we got, between the two of us:

First off, we have to say that we are a little bit of chevron-aholics over here, so the bag is totally one of our favorites, ever!  So freaking cute!

And...for a close up look at the insides:

We usually kind of like it when we get different items in our bags, because then we get more things to mix and match and play with…but we weren’t too heart broken that we both got the “Neely” polish from Zoya.  We’re totally digging on this fun mint shade!

We each got the same rollerball perfume from Pacifica, as well...the Tahitian Gardenia.  K likes it, to be sure, but J is almost ready to break all of her non-commitment rules and propose marriage to this scent; it’s light…it’s girly…it’s perfect for summer….she can’t get enough!!

Two concealers from Yaby…both in “Buff.”  Always excited to try new products to perfect our ever changing (especially with season mandated product/application changes) routines in the morning.

Juice Beauty lip glosses for both of us, as well…both in “Pink.”  We were bummed that neither of us got a lipstick…but gloss is always welcome…just ask our 94 pound lip gloss bags!

From Macadamia Natural Oil, we got the Healing Oil Treatment, which we’ve actually tried before and enjoyed.  Excited to give our locks some TLC with this one!

Also from Pacifica, we got a tube of the Coconut Crushed Pearl Luminating Body Butter, and did almost too exuberant of a victory dance upon discovering it.  Ever since ipsy introduced us to Pacifica lotions several bags back, we have grown more and more obsessed with them, and have both added several to our collections.  K is a founding member of Coconut Cravers Anonymous…so this was at the very top of her wish list.  Woohoo!

In addition to all of these goodies, we each got a code for $110 off at Nume…which we’ve already been trying to figure out how to use.  Curling wands?  Extensions?  Hair Care products?  Our minds are reeling at the possibilities… :)

All in all, we couldn’t be in a better mood this week.  The sky is blue…the snow is gone…the grass is green…and we’ve got all new fun things to use/try from ipsy.  Is this Heaven?  I think so….

Did you love your May ipsy bag like we did?  What product are you most excited about??


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