Wednesday, May 1, 2013

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About Our April Favorites!!

If you're like us, you love to hear the latest news on products that people love, which is why "Favorites" posts are some of our...well...favorites!  :)

We're excited to share the scoop on our favorite products for here we go!

K's Favorites:

  • K is in LOVE with the Keratin Smooth line from TRESemme.  After hunting forEVER for the perfect hair line (without costing an arm and a leg!) to get super strong and smooth hair...she's found it with this shampoo and conditioner.  Addicted!!
  • Rock Your Hair Miracle Leave In Conditioner.  You might have noticed that we dedicated a lot of blog space to the Rock Your Hair line over the past month...and while we honestly loved everything that we tried from them...this conditioning spray is K's FAVE.  It's name is "Miracle" for a reason...her hair has never felt better!
  • With the worst of our dry winter behind us, K's lips are getting back to prime soft form, with the help of Baby Lips lip balm from Maybelline.  K's got several flavors, but the peppermint is getting all of her attention lately!
  • The Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay will probably be an all-time favorite for K...she's loves creating perfect "naked" eyes...and this palette has been her go-to all month!
  • Creating those perfect eye looks is one million times easier when using Too Faced Shadow Insurance...a long time favorite primer for K...which really deserves a shout-out every month!
  • OCC Lip Tar in Interlace.  What better to go with a perfect naked eye than a perfect nude lip?  This pretty pale peach does the trick!
  • Of course nude lips aren't always her choice...and K has found herself glossing up many of her favorite lip shades with MAC's Summer Sweetheart lipglass from the Archie's Girls collection.

J's Favorites:

  • Voluminous Mascara from L'Oreal, in Carbon Black...Every once in a while, J feels an urge and cheats on this, her favorite mascara of all time.  Once she gets her kicks and her roll in the hay out of the way, she's always THRILLED to come back to her truest lash love.  It is just the best.  That's all.
  • J's favorite product from her April ipsy bag made the cut this month...she wears her Sweet Cheeks blush by Be a Bombshell almost every day!  It's the perfect pink to compliment almost every look!
  • J also uses Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer daily...her contouring has never looking better!  The fact that it smells like sweet hot chocolate every morning doesn't hurt, either!
  • complete her face routine, J has found herself unable to live without MAC's pearl matte face powder in In For a Treat, which provides the perfect highlight shade! 
  • We all know that J's love is, and always will be, with creating eye looks, so it's no surprise to find two palettes on her list.  First, she's still in love with the Spoiled Rich palette from MAC's Archie's Girls!  Bold purple looks made several appearances this month...thanks to this beauty of a little palette.
  • J also found herself reaching for her Kat Von D Starstruck palette several times throughout the month.  KVD shadows are super velvety...have tons of pigment...and blend flawlessly.  J can't imagine life without them!
  • Bold eye looks sometimes come with bold fallout...but thankfully J avoids major makeup malfunctions with her Shadow Shields.  If you've ever battled fallout, try'll never ever regret it.  They're great for creating sharp lines, as well!
  • Finally, J picked up the Real Techniques Eye Set this month, and she has NEVER been happier with a set of eye brushes in her life.  RT brushes have always been J's favorite for the it makes sense that these brushes are making her eyes so very very happy.

That's it...we're so excited about all of these products...we don't know if we'll get new favorites for May or not!  ; )

What were your "must have" products for we have any favorites in common?


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