Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hold On To Your Hats...We're Doing March Favorites!

Ladies, we don't want you to fall out of your chairs...and we don't want you to die from shock...so we're going to ease into this nice and slow.







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We know, Fresh Prince.  We know.

Seriously, though...it's been forever.  We've been loving lots of products, trust us.  We've found new favorites.  We've just failed to share them with you for a month...or four.  No biggie.  :)

We're back on track, though, and are so happy to present the products we found it impossible to live without in March...Hooray!

K's March Favorites

1.  Aquataenia Palette by Lime Crime--I have loved using this palette lately to add a bright "springy" pop to my eye looks.  I've got Spring Fever, Baby!

2.  Cleansing Spa Water by Koh Gen Do--This is my second bottle of this fancy miracle liquid.  I got the first bottle from Glossy Box, and fell in love with how light and "water-like" it feels when I use it.  Not heavy or harsh like some liquid cleansers.  Love!

3.  Refined Golden Bronzing Powder by MAC--I use this pressed powder daily for flawless contouring.  After trying (and enjoying) others, I love how this powder never applies too dark or heavy!

4.  L'Oreal's True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer--Oh. My. Gosh.  I can't even explain how much this concealer has changed my daily routine.  I have thought other concealers were fabulous, but tried this on a whim and fell head over heels.  I'm on tube number two, and don't know that I'll ever find anything better.  Super creamy...flawless finish.  

5.  Starlooks Blush in c121--"Cuty Peach" (Which I love, in spite of the fact that I feel like they misspelled Cutie!)--I'm addicted to peach blush, and have several that I totally heart.  Got this in a Starlooks box a couple months ago, and was a little bit skeptical as to whether it would find a place among my faves, but it has totally risen to the occasion.  A little bit goes a long way...and I love its peachy glow!

6.  Cover Girl's Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation--Basically, J would NOT shut up about this foundation...and eventually, I caved.  She was right...it's amazing.  Great coverage...light "airbrushed" finish...it's a winner!

J's March Favorites

1.  Urban Decay's "UD Hearts NYC" Palette--I got this palette a while ago, and while I've loved it from day one, I am pretty sure I used it about 80% of the time this month.  It is the perfect blend of bold colors and wearable neutrals that made my eyes super happy all month long!

2.  Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation--If you happened to catch my review of this stuff back in January, it should be no surprise that this is on my list.  It's not only a March favorite...it's an all time favorite.  Not sure how I ever lived without it!!

3.  Wild Citrus Sunflower Glowing Body Wash by Bath & Body Works--After a super dry weather, nothing helps get me exfoliated and ready for spring and summer like this awesome scrub.  I've been using it religiously...it smells amazing, and my skin feels awesome!

4.  Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter--Once again, getting ready for capri weather is 10 times easier when you've got awesome moisturizers on your side. This tube of wonder from ipsy is almost gone...freaking out a little bit!

5.  Watermelon Wonderland Lip Balm by eos--Without fail, eos continues to be my lips' best friend when it comes to keeping them soft.  Love the watermelon flavor, and take this with me everywhere!

6.  Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Perfume in Halo--This perfume was discontinued by VS last year, but I'm still 100% in love with it.  I wear it almost every day lately.  Love its light floral/peppery blend, and it has serious staying power.  <3

7.  L'Oreal's Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Carbon Black--When L'Oreal bought Urban Decay, I wondered if they'd create a more affordable dupe for UD's Perversion, and this is it.  I've never made a secret of the fact that I'm a Perversion-aholic, but I can get this in town for less than half the price...and it's perfection.  (You'll notice that's a brand new pencil in the pic...because I've already had to replace my original!)

Well, that's it, ladies!  We're so excited to get this ridiculous "Favorites Monkey" off of our backs...and we promise to do better in the Favorites Department in the future.

What were your favorite products during the month of March?


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