Friday, March 15, 2013

March Glam Bag...A Little Underwhelming

We’re halfway through March, and it’s officially Spring, which means we Wyoming girls are trying to survive a month or so more of waiting for it to actually feel like Spring.  :)  We don’t have green grass and flowers yet…we’ve got brown grass and mud.  We’ve got more sunshine, which is promising, but we still have to scrape the frost off of our windows on some mornings.  We’re in the middle of “meh” month in Wyoming!

Perhaps it was with “meh” in mind that ipsy created our March Glam Bags…we can’t think of any other explanation.  Though we are usually head over heels in love with our ipsy bags…this month’s bag left us wishing for a little bit more.

The bag itself has a marine theme, with stripes and anchors decorating the outside.  Neither of us were totally in love with the bag…and it feels a little cheaper than some of the more recent bags that ipsy has sent.

Within our bags we got:
  • La Fresh Travel-Lite Makeup Remover Wipes—This small packet would have been great for our recent vacation…and will certainly be a nice addition to our travel bags in the coming months…but neither of us is dying to use them right away.
  • Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist—We’re actually both intrigued by this product, as living in Wyoming’s dry climate definitely calls for extra hydration!  The instructions say to mist it on freshly cleansed skin throughout the day, though…and I don’t know about you, but my skin isn’t freshly cleansed throughout the day…and I worry about messing up my makeup!  Still, we’re excited to see if this provides extra hydration in the morning, in lieu of a heavier (and perhaps pore clogging!) moisturizer or cream.
  • An adorable fillable magnetic travel palette by GlamRX—This is probably our favorite piece in this month’s bag…we love the fillable palette concept, and look forward to filling this little cutie up with colors to take with us wherever we go!
  • Two magnetic eye colors by yaby—these two colors—we both got Seashell, a shimmery cream, and Azalea Petal, a soft mauve—snapped right into our GlamRX palettes and are ready to use…they just need some company in there!

And…that’s it.  Once the eye colors are placed in the palette, we’re left with three items, and it seems like the bag is pretty empty.  Not to be whiny, but we both felt a little underwhelmed by ipsy for the first time in a long time.  It’s really not a matter of poor quality of products….which it definitely was about this time last year with ipsy….but we’ve been so spoiled by them in recent months that we both felt like there should have been more.

We have high hopes for a more dazzling bag from ipsy in April…they are still our number one subscription service…we have nothing but confidence in their ability to wow us next month!

Do you subscribe to ipsy?  What did you think of the March Glam Bag?


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