Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2 Minute Review: Sigma Spa's Brush Cleaning Glove

We recently did a post in anticipation of Sigma Spa’s newest offering, a Brush Cleaning Glove.  Once the glove was available for purchase, we went ahead and put our order in…we were dying to know what the fuss was about, and thought we’d better officially review it now that we’ve put it to use.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the product at all, it is a silicone glove/mitten, lined with a removable cotton terry mitten.

The glove features several different textured surfaces, on both sides, that are designed to facilitate in cleaning different sizes, shapes, and styles of makeup brushes.

We broke the glove out before we left on our recent vacation to get our brushes ready for a workout on the road, and to see if it lived up to its promise to "change the way we wash our brushes forever."  Here’s what we found:

What We Liked:
--The material:  The soft silicone is sturdy enough to really go to work on your brush, but gentle enough not to damage them.
--The textures:  Just as man cannot live on bread alone, cosmetic brushes cannot be washed with one technique alone.  With the combination of so many different shaped and sized textures, we found that we were able to find an area that was perfect for each brush we cleaned.
--The result:  Our brushes seemed to get clean more quickly than usual, and felt GREAT once they’d dried.

What We Didn’t Care For:
--The fact that it is a glove:  We’re not sure if it’s to accommodate hands of all sizes, or to provide ample surface area, but the glove itself is pretty big…and was kind of awkward to use when we were wearing it.  Eventually we found it easier to just lay the glove on the inner curve of the sink, and to clean our brushes against it.  We thought a better product might have been a cleaning block, which would have been made of the same material, with a different surface on each side, that could have just been held in the hand you’re not cleaning with.

Overall Impression:
We really did like the results that we received from using this product, and we’ll continue using it now that we have it.  If you’re not afraid to get your hands wet, the fact that it is a glove isn’t really a selling point for us…and with a price tag of $39, it might not seem worth it to some.  While our brushes felt AWESOME, we can’t guarantee that you couldn’t get the same result just using your hands and taking a little more time with each brush.

So, that’s it…what do you think?  We’ve heard from people who love this product, as well as from those who are less than impressed.  Where do you fit on that spectrum; is this a product you have tried or would like to try in the future?


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