Monday, January 7, 2013

Taking Time to Breathe

Hey All,

Those of you who follow our blog with any kind of regularity might have found it odd that right in the middle of our much hyped "12 Days of WyoSparkles Christmas" posts we kind of fell off of the face of the earth.  Whoops...sorry about that, guys.

As it turns the middle of all of the holiday bows and gifts and carols and threw a wrench into the spokes of our world that week...and we're still in the process of recovering.  On Thursday, December 20th, Kristi's dad passed away very unexpectedly.  There was very little warning, and no time to prepare...and it very literally took both of our breath away.

Everything took a back burner to surviving such a tragic blow.  Kristi was with her family constantly...they rallied together and carried each other through...the way that families are supposed to.  As we've mentioned before...our families have been friends since before we were even Janine went into "nurture mode" and did everything she could to try to ease the burdens of this family that she loves like her own.

It hasn't been's been so hard.  Every emotion...every memory...every thought...has centered around enduring and surviving...and has had very little to do with makeup or beauty or blogging.  Time keeps marching on, keeps moving...and we've decided we should probably pick ourselves up and move along with it.  We know it will continue to hurt.  We know it will take time to heal.  But we also know that the joy and support that we get from this beautiful blogging community is only going to help us get back on our feet.

And so...we are back.  We have missed you.  Thank you for caring about us and for buoying us with your kind words...your fabulous faces...and your cherished friendship.  We love you!!  We've got some catching up to do...(we still want to show you the rest of our 2012 we'll figure out how to incorporate those items into the blog in the next couple of weeks!)...but we're ready to get started.

Happy 2013!  We are excited to welcome in this new year and are eager to see what it has to offer...we hope you'll join us!


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