Monday, January 14, 2013

Comfort Food...Errr Makeup: Eye of the Day

Macaroni and Cheese...

image source

The Golden Girls...

image source

Matthew McConaughey...

image source

As much as we love trying new dreamy fellas...the fact remains that trying new things sometimes results in huge failure.  When failure isn't an option, however, it's great to know that there are always some matter what...that we know will always feel good.  

The same goes for makeup looks, and while J loves to try new/wild/fun/colorful looks as often as time will allow, she can't deny that there are "old reliables" in her repertoire, and sometimes she just can't resist falling back onto those old favorites.

For today's Eye of the Day, J grabbed her Lorac PRO palette, which is perfect for creating one of her all time (semi-dramatic looking, but super easy to create!) eye looks:

Do you have a "comfort food" -esque eye look, or do you like to try something new every day?


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