Friday, December 14, 2012

The 12 Days of WyoSparkles Christmas...Day Three!


In the busy world of blogging/living life/trying to work, I'm sure that all of you have scheduled blog posts from time to time...without knowing that when your posts magically shows up, there will be much more important things going on that overshadow makeup and beauty and Christmas lists.

We are horrified at the thought of everything that is happening in Connecticut today.  Our hearts break for the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and for their families.  None of us can understand when things like this happen...which speaks well to our own humanity, but does little to provide comfort in a time when tragedies like this continue to happen in our world.  It's just so sad that we live in a society where the phrase "another school shooting" is something that we have to say...ever.

We focus a lot, on a daily basis, on makeup and laughter and fashion mishaps galore.  Today...we are reminded of the things that really matter.  Our families...our loved ones...all those people who care for us, and for whom we care.  

If you're a prayful person...please join us and pray for those who are hurting in Connecticut...we can never know the journey that they will have to make before they begin to heal.  Also, make sure that your loved ones know who they are...please take care of one another.

We love you...


On the third day of Christmas 
WyoSparkles gave to me:

3 MAC Lip Glasses!
2 Favorite Palettes!
And a Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation--So Pretty!

We're 100% in love with these MAC Lip Glasses...super shiny, and fab colors!  What's your favorite lip gloss?


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