Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November Favorites!

November is a time when we celebrate all the things that we are thankful for, and we are definitely thankful for a handful of products that have helped us find our happy (pretty) places over the past month. 

Without further delay, we're excited to present our November Favorites!

K's Faves from November:

Great Value Berry Pomegranate (drink mix pour in)-- Winter in Wyoming = watch out, your skin, your hair, your lips, your cuticles, your ....well basically everything in your life is gonna be dry!  haha...So I stay hydrated with plenty of water and discovered these tasty tasty drink mixes...delish!!

Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream--This stuff freaked me out with my first use because my face was sort of pale white/gray, but I ended up using it as a primer and ohhh my goodness...LOVE this stuff!!!  It created the perfect palette for me to create my f.o.t.d.  :)
Garnier Fructis -Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector --Added protection from my heat styling tools...this stuff certainly does its job.  Can't live without this stuff...and it's nearly empty!  eeek!

Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue --Have I mentioned that Winter dries my hair out?  I got this stuff in my voxbox and I can tell you....it's a delight!!  I love how it leaves my hair soft and soo moisturized.  It also helps seal the ends of my hair...added protection!  Yay!

Carol's Daughter Ecstasy (shea souffle) --  Are you seeing my theme?  Moisturizing everywhere!  This shea souffle has a yummy sugared strawberry, island mango and Egyptian musk scent...mmmm and it states it's "For Dry to Extra Dry Skin."  Anything with shea butter is a bonus in my book and this stuff ...yep it's amazing!!  

Bungalow bath and body - whipped soap (cake batter scented) -- Mmmm..this stuff literally makes me want to eat it!  Luckily I don't...and I just use it to scrub my hands.  haha  :)  But let me tell you...it's quite the whipped soap!  It's seriously amazing!   I love love love whipped soaps and sugar scrubs - I'd almost say I'm obsessed with soft soft hands.  p.s.  this stuff is made right here in Wyoming!  You can find it on Etsy..here, just tell them Miss Etta's (my mom's gift shop) sent you.

Solar Oil  -- Or as I like to call it "saver of my cuticles"  haha..sadly I only have a tiny bottle right now and I'm literally scraping the bottom...MUST get more!  This product keeps my cuticles right in shape and looking oh so pretty!

Sugar Lip Treatment by Fresh Inc. -- As I mentioned...dry lips...ugh!  This perfect purse sized lip treatment keeps my lips soft for several hours...THANK you Fresh Inc.  :)  I got this from the Sephora birthday gift deal.  Love it!  Oh and my 2nd favorite part...the screw on lid - keeps it fresh and clean from debris and the lid doesn't fall off!  Woohoo!

MAC creamsheen lipglass (color saturation) and dazzleglass creme (demure)  -- These two glosses were in the "Guilty Passions" line recently - they came with 2 others, but these 2 definitely haven't left my side since receiving them.  Perfect Fall berry colored gloss and the perfect pink gloss...Definitely a must have!!

Girly hair clips (bows and cute flowers) --  Breaking away from the "moisturizing" theme - BUT since my hair is shiny and silky, why not add a little fun to this beautiful coif?  haha...I've seriously had way too much fun with cute little hair accessories this month.  So feminine and cute!  Try it, you'll like it!

J's Faves from November:

Make Me Cool Travel Set by Sigma--I haven't been doing any traveling as of late, but I've been using the heck out of the brushes in this set.  Love Sigma brushes, and this little set has been making the rounds in my morning routine. 

Milani Baked Powder Blushes in Fantistico Mauve & Dolce Pink--I have a trillion blushes at my disposal (slight exaggeration) but I find myself reaching for this duo almost daily.  I love how well they blend together, and compliment almost every color scheme I work with. 

Glitterball Palette by MUA--Well, the third time was a charm, as it took three tries from MUA to get this palette to me intact.  Stupid crumbley palette making postal service!  All the waiting on my part, and re-shipping on MUA's part, was WELL worth it, however, as this sparkley dynamo has become one of my go to palettes this month.  Super shimmery and pigmented...love love love!

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Divine Blue--We all know that MAC is generally perfection, and this metallic turquoise/sea-green/teal/blue shade is extra dreamy.  :)

Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil in Roseberry and Spring Rose--Anytime I can get two products for the size of one in my purse, I'm generally smitten, but it's extra helpful that either one of these colors seems to compliment and blend with every lip color I favor. (oops...not pictured above)
MultiTask Wet/Dry Powder Foundation by Prestige--Still super happy with this powder, which helps me stay matte and looking fresh all day long.

Shine Eraser Oil Blotting Sheets by e.l.f.--For days when I do need a little help with extra shine, especially on my forehead, these blotting sheets do just the trick.

Lock 'N Load Makeup Setting Mist by Kat Von D--Actually finished this setting spray off this month...time to reorder!  I love the cucumbery scent and the mist goes on super fine every time.  :)

What products made your all-star lists this month?  Anything we should rush to try in December?


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