Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Have a Sweet Holiday, with Lorac's Eye Candy Full Face Collection!

As much as we love everything about the holidays…twinkling Christmas lights…colorful wrapping paper & ribbons…and delicious treats in every shape and size…we have to admit that almost every aspect of Holiday Joy comes with a downside once the season is over.  Darling twinkling lights have to be taken down and somehow fit back into the tiny boxes from which they came.  Wrapping paper is ridiculously awkward to store, and we know we’re going to want to just buy all new paper next year…but we still find ourselves rearranging our closets to make room for this year’s rolls.  And don’t even get us started on Holiday treats, which are such a delight all through December, but can lead to major regret and borderline depression when we’re setting our resolutions come January.  

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What, though, is there to be done?  It’s not like we are going to go without our lights…without our fun wrapping paper.  And when it comes to treats…what are we supposed to do…show restraint??

Luckily our friends at Lorac understand that our love for sweet things MUST be addressed…and have found a way to treat us for this holiday season…without the need to wear only yoga pants by the end of the season.  (although, the thought of wearing yoga pants every day is sometimes a little bit dreamy, to be honest!)

We’re thrilled to present our latest Lorac goodies, released for the 2012 Holiday Season, which take our sugar loving breath away!

Ladies this…is the Lorac Eye Candy Full Face Collection…a visual delight that brings to mind rich chocolate confections without a single waistline sabotaging calorie!  :)

Isn’t it fabulous?  Don’t you just want to eat it up?  Don’t, though…don’t eat it.  Use it.  Apply it.  Love it.  Get your sweet treat fix without breaking a single resolution…and look fabulous the whole time!  Let’s take a closer look:

Mesmerizing Dark Chocolate Cream Eye Liner Palette

Oooh La La Vanilla Nude Eye Shadow Palette

Caramel Love Affair Golden Eye Shadow Palette

Tantalizing Cocoa Bronze Eye Shadow Palette

Blackberry Truffle Seduction Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

Indulge in Berry Kisses Cheek & Lip Tint Palette

We cannot wait to give all of these gorgeous and tasty looking palettes a try, and have the highest of Holiday hopes for all of them!

Have you picked up this collection?  Which delicious palette is your favorite?  What is your favorite Holiday Treat?


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