Friday, November 9, 2012

UPCOMING - MAC Taste Temptations Winter 2012

Hey, Ladies!!

In case you needed another reason to be happy today...(it's Friday...woot!)...feast your lovely eyes upon this ohh sooo beautiful MAC collection making an appearance beginning November 23rd (Black Friday) at MAC counters and then online December 6th and in stores December 13th.


Hoe. Lee. Cow.

Are you dying?  We're totally dying.

As much as we try to be equal opportunity color lovers, we find ourselves especially smitten with shades of a purple persuasion as of late, so we're over the top excited about all the purples and magentas that are rocking our faces off in this collection.  Can. Not. Wait!

Are you going to pick up some items from this latest MAC line?  What's your temptation?


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