Monday, November 5, 2012

Sigma Travel Kits: High Flying Love At First Brush!

You know, as much as we are Wyoming girls through and through, and don’t really see ourselves ever being anything else…(SouthDakotaSparkles just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?)…we cannot deny that we LOVE to get out and see new and fun places as often as we can.  Be it by plane, train, or automobile…WyoSparkles loves to travel!

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If you love to travel as much as we love to travel, you know that it can be kind of a chore for the cosmetic loving girl.  Makeup travel cases are actually pretty tiny...

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...and depending on the length of the trip, it's almost as if you need an entire separate suitcase just for your makeup, right?  (No seriously...we usually take an entire suitcase full of makeup, you guys.)

Thankfully the geniuses at Sigma know that a jet-setting gal on the go needs her essentials...but could do with a little extra room in their bags.  With that in mind, Sigma offers 7 darling Travel Kits that feature seven travel sized brushes from the Sigma Essentials kit, along with an adorable travel size brush holder.  

Perhaps it was the winter months looming before us...which always make us want to travel even more...but recently, we just decided that we each HAD to have one...

K snatched her travel set up in the purple set, called "Make Me Crazy!"

J opted for a the turquoise set, called "Make Me Cool!"


Brushes featured in each set are: 
  • E30--Pencil
  • E40--Tapered Blending
  • E55--Eye Shading
  • E65--Small Angle
  • F30--Large Powder
  • F40--Large Angled Contour
  • F60--Foundation

Aren't they a dream come true?  We sure think so.  Even honorary WyoSparkle Molly knew she had her hands on a good thing when they arrived...she didn't want to put them down!

Even though we don't have any big trips coming up any time soon, we can't wait to break these kits in.  We just know that we'll love them almost as much as we'll love booking our next vacation!

Do you use Sigma brushes?  Have you considered picking up one of these travel kits?  We highly highly HIGHLY recommend Sigma...get your own brushes here.

Do you travel "light" in the makeup department...or like us, do you just make room for everything?  :)


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