Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Favorites!!

It is so hard to believe that we are a week into November, girls.  Where in the world does the time go?  October was an unbelievably busy month for us, but somehow we managed to award gold stars throughout the month to our most outstanding products.

This month, our A+ reviews go to:

K's October Favorites

1.   Shea Terra Organics - whipped shea butter in bananas & baobabs - What an absolute every possible way!!  First of all it's whipped shea butter and's smells like banana pudding!!  It's amazing!!  My hands and feet are sooo soft!

2.   Suave Professionals - captivating curls spray gel - my curls hold soo much better when I use a quick all over spray of this stuff AND it's an alcohol free anti frizz forumla.  (Dry weather in Wyoming likes to cause frizz)  Frizz free for me!!  :)

3.   Urban Decay - all nighter makeup setting spray -   Bottom line, if you haven't tried this stuff yet, go get some now!!  It's amazing!  Has always been and will always be my favorite makeup setting spray.

4.   Urban Decay - primer potion in Eden - I ran out of this fabulous fabulous primer, but my Birthday came around and BAM...restocked!!  :)  The opaque concealer colored primer creates the perfect palette for my eyeshadow creations every day.   p.s. I love the old style bottle with the applicator - easy easy application!

5.   Coastal Scents - bright eyed - this was a recommendation from Your BFF, check out her review here , I fell in love with how it literally brightened her eyes and HAD to have it.  This is still my first tube - a little goes a long way!  Great investment!  Thanks girl!!

6.  Couture Color - pequi oil treatment -  I love oils for hair, I'm actually obsessed with them.  Argan oils, Moroccan, Macadamia, you name it...I want it or I've tried it!  :)  This little oil promises to "restore softness and shine"  and it literally does JUST that!  Plus I love the smell - smell is a huge factor in hair products for this girl.

7.   eos lip balm - watermelon wonderland -  I can't say enough good things about the cute purse friendly eos balms...seriously!  This lovely flavor is found in the Alice in Wonderland set.  Soft and moisturized lips...enough said!

8.   essie nail polish - smokin' hot and _____ don't laugh, I've lost my favorite polish!!!  I'll update everyone once I locate this beloved color!  :(  On another note...essie, essie, what would I do without you?  I love grays/browns/purples for Fall and these 2 colors have been my "go to" colors for this month...they fulfill all my "color" needs for the perfect Fall mani.

9.  Julep nail polish - helena - Ok, I did slip this color into my "go to" colors quite a bit...okay a lot!  This color is the perfect blend of pink and purple- creating a beautiful bright magenta...LOVE it!

J's October Favorites

1.  Down Boy Blush, by theBalm - Pretty much both K and I are blushaholics, but I found myself reaching for this one a little more often than not this month.  It's the perfect soft pink...never too dark or too orangey, so it goes with EVERYTHING!

2.  DDF Brightening Cleanser - I love this little cleanser that I got in a Birchbox a while ago SO MUCH...that I've decide to write a post just for it.  Seriously...stay tuned...this one's a life changer.

3.  tenoverten polish in "Elizabeth" - Holy Cow!  Used this brand for the first time this month, and am over the top excited about it.  I need to pick up about 20 other shades...this stuff paints like a dream!!

4.  Deborah Lippmann polish in "Tiny Dancer" - I know a ton of people got this one in their Sample Society box a couple of months ago, but I'm just as entranced with it as I ever was.  DL polishes are the best...and I love this color!!

5.  Model 21 Eyelashes - While I'm usually a creature of habit in certain areas, and traditionally wear the same lashes every day, I have actually had a lot of fun changing my looks up with this variety pack.  Who knew breaking out of my shell could be so fun?  ; )

6.  What's Your Type Mascara, by theBalm - Once again, theBalm makes an appearance on my list.  I actually got my Ipsy bag, mid-October, right when I was in need of a new tube of mascara, and this one didn't disappoint.  Definitely need to pick up the full sized tube when this runs out!

7.  Urban Decay's Book of Shadows III Redux - So basically, I love eyeshadow.  I love and trust it more than I've loved and trusted most boyfriends I've had.  ;)  My relationship with good eyeshadow is one that will stand the test of time, however...and when it comes to good shadow, I never ever EVER get tired of using UD's palettes.  I just heart them so so much.  I got this palette as a gift from a friend this month and I just can't stop using it.  It's a gorgeous velvet dream land of pigmentation and loveliness.  Plus the light up case is perfect for a novelty lover like me. (Totally not a de-potter...I LOVE palettes in their original form!)  I'm never breaking up with this one.

So that's it...what do you think of our October Winners?  Which products were superstars for you over the past month??


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