Thursday, November 1, 2012

2 Minute Review: Wet/Dry Foundation by Prestige

Hey All, J here.

You may remember that I (semi) recently switched from a dewy finish on my face to a more matte look.  Had I never made said switch, I probably would not have been super eager to try Prestige's Wet/Dry Foundation, which they sent, in Warm Ivory, for our reviewing consideration.

I'm traditionally a liquid foundation wearer, as my natural skin tone varies from area to area, and the more complete my complete coverage makeup is, the better.  I've not had a lot of luck with getting full-coverage from just a powder...however, I took a leap of faith, based on previous Prestige experience, and gave this little compact a try.

I'd never tried a Wet/Dry foundation either, but after doing some research, learned that using the product in its powder form provides the best/most complete coverage, so I went that direction.  The compact comes with a sponge/pad applicator in the back, but I used a brush to apply the product.

The powder did a great job of evening out my katrillion skin tones, and the finish was fabulous.  I felt fully covered all day, and the powder even held up beautifully to my super annoying and sometimes oily T-zone.

I didn't find this powder at Ulta or any other online retailers that we frequent, but you can pick it up for $7.95 direct from Prestige's site, here.

Prestige continues to impress both K and I, and we're both using many of their products daily.  We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Do you use powder or liquid foundation?  What's your favorite way to achieve the perfect cover for your face in the morning?


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