Monday, November 12, 2012

2 Minute Review: Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Eyeshadow Dust

So, as you have probably gathered from previous posts, we are c-c-c-CRAZY about bold eye looks.  We love dressing our eyes up and making them the star of the show as often as we possibly can.

As you know, when you're looking for a bold look, there is nothing worse than a shadow that looks amazing and gorgeous in the package...but that has minimal color payout when you apply it.  Eyeshadow without good pigment is like Christmas with no music...or football with no just isn't right...right?

Anyone who loves good eye makeup knows, too, that when you're looking for the best color payout...loose pigments are as good as it gets.  When you're using loose pigments, you get awesome color payout...and superior blendability...they are awesome!

With this in mind, we're happy to present our latest Prestige product review: Skin Loving Minerals Eyeshadow Dust.  Prestige sent us this awesome Shimmering Trio to try out...


...and we immediately jumped for joy at the chance to give them a go.

The three shimmery colors compliment each other perfectly, and come in an easy to use tub with individual lids that snap closed.  This is especially handy for J, who tends to knock things over from time to time...not spilling pigment all over the place is definitely a plus!

The pigments inside are easy to use, produce a great color payout...and are super long wearing...WIN!

Once again, Prestige has produced an awesome product at an awesome price.  You can pick up this trio, called Prism, or your choice of five other color combinations, for $11.95 at

What are your thoughts on loose color you love them the way we do?


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