Monday, November 26, 2012

2 Minute Review: My Biggest Lashes by Prestige

Hey all, if you know me ( J ) at all, you know I have something of an obsession with my eyes.  I love eye shadow, I love eyeliner, and I LOVE lashes.  I have and wear false lashes more days than not, but there are days when for one reason or another, (I overslept) I don't take the time (have the time) to put my lashes on.  It is on these days that I'm especially thankful for good mascara.

I actually wear mascara every single day...with or without my falsies...and while I have my favorites, I was eager to give Prestige's "My Biggest Lashes" a try when they sent it for our consideration.  Anything that claims to give biggest going to catch my attention.

You know, the first thing I look at when it comes to mascara is the brush.  I'm sorry if it means I'm not a forward thinker, and maybe I'll never be an eye model because of it...but I absolutely HATE the new trend in rubbery, prickley, and pretty much (for me, anyway) totally ineffective mascara brushes:

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I know that lots of people love these brushes...and clearly get good results from them...but I just can't figure them out.  Every time I've tried a brand with one of these wands, I have hated it.  I feel like they never hold enough product, or maybe it's just that they don't distribute enough product...but without fail, I have hated the results I've gotten from brushes like this.   

THANKFULLY, the folks at Prestige seem to be mascara wand designers after my own heart, and I was thrilled to find a big fat bristle style brush when I opened the tube...YAY!

A brush alone cannot a fabulous mascara make, however, so I was eager to put the actual product to the test!

In a move that defies every ounce of vanity that I possess...(and trust me, there's a lot!)...I took a picture of my bare naked lashes...which are so sad and non-fabulous, that I almost couldn't publish it.  You know how much I love you, though, that I'm willing to share this:

Scary right?  Now you know why I love mascara and false lashes so much.  :)

Using a couple of coats of Prestige's My Biggest Lashes mascara, I was thankfully able to transform my embarrassing non-existent lashes into something FAR more respectable:

Finally, because I'm not the type to go out with just mascara on (remember that excessive vanity I have? It truly controls a girl!)...I thought I'd show you how well this mascara compliments a completed look...without any false lashes:

It's probably needless to say, but I'm thrilled with the results I get from Prestige's My Biggest Lashes mascara.  While I definitely don't plan to give up my false lashes anytime soon...(I'm addicted, okay?)...I love that Prestige has created a fabulous and effective product to compliment my lashes on days when I'm wearing falsies...and to magnify my lashes when I'm not!

If you'd like to try this mascara, never fear...Prestige is always super affordable, which is another thing I love about them!  You can pick this fabulous wonder up at Ulta or at for just $6.50.  Bargain!

Are you a mascara junkie?  What's your favorite brand?


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