Friday, November 9, 2012

2 Minute Review: DDF Brightening Cleanser

Hi Guys, it's me, Janine.

A while ago, (August, I think?) I received a sample of DDF Brightening Cleanser in my Birchbox.  Said sample sat around my bathroom for quite some time, because I was kind of being an Aveeno snob, and I really didn't care to try anything new.  Weird, I know.  Usually I'm ALL about trying new things...but for some reason, I couldn't be bothered, for quite some time, to get this stuff out.

As it turns out, I had to run out of all of my other cleansers before I'd whip the DDF out to give it a whirl.  My oh my...what took me so long?  I LOVE this cleanser!

As I have mentioned in past posts, I kind of have an uneven skin tone naturally.  I do not like it.  While I believe that we should all love ourselves in spite of, and because of, our differences, I have always hated that my skin doesn't look like Colleen's skin.  :)  (Come've all stood in awe of her skin at least once...admit it!)

Enter DDF's Brightening Cleanser...which I do not know how I will ever live without from this point forward. 

Including both glycolic and salicylic gel, I love the little tingle I get while using this product, and as an added bonus, it smells like black licorice.  Woohoo!  Within just a couple of days of using the cleanser, I absolutely noticed that my skin felt less oily, and though I've never had TONS of breakouts, I felt like my pores have been much clearer, as well. 

This foaming wonder has a blend of brighteners that somehow make my uneven skin...well, more even.  My ruddy cheeks?  Not so ruddy.  My kind of annoying sun spots?  Not so noticeable.  My foundation addiction?  Not so necessary.  It's a miracle!

I hate it when I procrastinate and put off something that turns out to be fabulous.  I could have been using this product for two freaking months...but NO...I was too stubborn. Thankfully I came around, however, and I am never looking back.  If you're looking for a new cleanser in your life...I highly recommend this life (vanity) saver by DDF.

What is your favorite facial cleanser? 


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