Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sigma Beauty saves K's life (sneak peek at upcoming products)

Hey All, it's me, K.

When I was young, I had quite a collection of beautiful dolls, all of which I loved unconditionally.  I made sure to play with each of them on a pretty regular rotation, so that they would all know that they were special and loved and cherished.

As an adult, my "toys" have evolved to eyeshadow palettes and cosmetic delights.  Just as I did when I was a child, however, I have always tried to rotate through all of my beautiful palettes and shadows...never wanting to leave even one of them feeling less than special.  ;)

Until recently, that is.

Unless you have been living under a rock, or NOT reading this blog (which is kind of like living under a rock)...you know how much I love my Sigma Paris Palette.

I love it to the point of turning my back upon many other lovely palettes and shadows that are dying to be used.  It is...even though I hate to hurt any other deserving palette's feelings...MY FAVORITE.

The trouble with playing favorites, though, is that if you do...eventually, your favorites are going to run out.  You're going to find yourself with a used up shell of a palette...and then...you're going to cry.  I have lived in fear of using up my favorite AMONG my favorites...the gorgeous Notre Dame shade.

Beautiful, right?  I love how it blends with so many other shades, and seems to complete so many eye looks that I have truly loved.  What will I do when it's used up completely??  The palette itself is limited edition...what will I do if it's no longer available when I need it?  Die?

No seriously...I might die.

Enter Sigma...saver of my life and my beauty and my sanity!


That's right...Sigma is releasing all of my favorite colors...individually!  Woohoo!  I no longer have to stress out about running out of Notre Dame...or any of my favorite colors from my favorite palette.

Now...if I can just get these shadows to last until the individual shadows launch...I'll be golden. ;)

What is the one product you're afraid of using up?  Do you have favorite that you've no longer been able to get?


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