Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kristi: Ode to My Greatest Friend

Readers and Friends…it’s me, Janine.

I wanted to take a quick moment to let you all know that today is a day that I cherish.  Today is a day that I am grateful for every single year.  Today…marks the anniversary of the birth of my very best friend/sister/confidante/ally/sounding board/shoulder to cry on/cohort/comrade/partner-in-crime….KRISTI!

Kristi and I have known each other forEVER.  I literally cannot remember a time in my life when she wasn’t a part of it.  We went on our first adventure together before either of us can remember…”running away” as toddlers, and we have never looked back.

Kristi has seen me without my makeup…without my hair done…and without all my wits, and somehow she continues to put up with me anyway.  We have had each other’s back through good times…through bad times…through sad days and bad dates.  Through shopping sprees and bad hair-cuts…through Disneyland Vacations and Yellowstone Road Trips.  Lip synchs and dance parties, rollerskating and waterskiing.  Slumber parties, birthday parties, costume parties and pity parties.  Football, basketball, baseball and volleyball…and every other game you can throw in between.   Chasing butterflies and chasing boys and chasing dreams.

Kristi and I have worked, played, laughed, cried, flown, walked, driven, sang, danced, slept and stayed up all night together.  There is nothing that I have been through…that I haven’t been through with her.  She is the epitome of what a good friend should be.  

Happiest of Happy Birthdays to you, Kristi.  Thank you for being my friend through every single thing I’ve mentioned here…and for all of the things we’ve sworn never to mention again…hahaha.  Thank you for a million memories that I would never give away.  I don’t know what my life would be like without you in it…but I know that it would be less fun…and less beautiful.  I love you!



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