Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bungalow Bath and Body - review

Let's face it, we're women, we have lots and lots of lotion.  We have lotion in our purses, we have lotion in the bathroom, we have lotion in the kitchen, we have lotion in our office, we have lotion ...well we have lots of lotion and lotion of every kind.

As you definitely know, however, not all lotions are created equally, and we've recently discovered a brand new "top of the list, replacing old favorites in the purse" lotion.

Presenting:  Bungalow Bath and Body the delicious (but sadly not edible) scent, Cake Batter.

This lotion lands right in the middle between so runny that it almost feels like your hands are dryer than they were when you put the lotion on, and so thick and greasy that pens and keys are slipping out of your hands 3 days after application.  The lotion is thick, but absorbs quickly, and leaves your skin feeling soft for hours.  Also, and we KNOW this smells freaking DELICIOUS.

Along with the lotion, we also bought a tub of Exfoliating Whipped Soap, also in Cake Batter. 

We ended up using this scrub before one of our many manicures, with great results. The texture, appearance, and scent (!!!) are an exact match for your favorite birthday cupcake frosting, and we loved how it made our hands feel soft and smooth and ready for some color.

If you're interested in trying any of the Bungalow Bath and Body products (they have lots of other yummy smelling scents, and other products...soaps, lotions, lip balms, body sprays...need we go on?) you won't find them at your local drugstore, sadly.  We grabbed this little wonder at Miss Etta's Place, a locally owned boutique in town that specializes in Wyoming made products.  That's right...they're made RIGHT HERE in Wyoming...woohoo.  Never fear, don't have to come out to visit...(though we'd love it if you did!) can grab anything from the entire line online at

Let us know if you decide to try anything from Bungalow Bath and Body...we'd love to compare notes. 

What is YOUR favorite kind of lotion?


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