Friday, September 21, 2012

2 Minute Review: Model 21 Eyelashes

Back in the olden days of our blogging, J wrote a post re: her love of false lashes.  Not having been blessed with super long lashes by Mother Nature…(or Mother J)…she’s pretty much resigned to the fact that she’ll be wearing falsies for the rest of her vanity central life.  Luckily, though, she totally loves lashes, and all the fun that they are, so this is a good thing.

Recently, we were sent a package of lashes, for review purposes, from Model 21 Eyelashes, who offer a wide variety of lashes for every preference.  J usually leans toward a bolder/denser lash when choosing her falsies, so when she opened the No. 19 combo box from Model 21, she was a tiny bit skeptical, as dark dense lashes were not what she found.

Though not to her usual super dense preference, J had to admit that the lashes were very pretty, and she loved the wispy and more natural look that they had.  She decided to just risk it all…and wear them.

And guess what?

They were SO pretty.  Unbelievable, right?

J found that lashes don’t have to be super dense to be lovely…the length was AWESOME...and she found herself reaching for the Model 21s over and over again as the week wore on.

(J's Sky High Model 21 lashes!)

The combo pack contained lashes of varying lengths, all with the same wispy design, and all of the lashes looked super natural and flattering on J’s eyes.  After raving about them all week, she even got K…(whose natural lashes generally make even the longest of falsies hang their heads in shame)…to try a pair!

(You can't really tell she's wearing lashes, though...because her natural lashes are just as long as the falsies...lucky girl!)

Model 21 lashes turned out to be a booming success in J's week-long trial.  J found them to conform well to her eye…(though the strips were a bit too wide for her eye, they were easily trimmed and still looked great)…and provided a very pretty, but natural, look.  Hooray!  These lashes will be featured again and again in future Eye of the Day looks, no doubt.

For those of you who, like J’s usual self, prefer a bolder or more dense lash look, Model 21 offers a wide variety of lashes, and you’ll certainly find something to your liking if you check their site out.  Their lashes come 10 pairs to a pack…and their prices are SWEET!

If you’re a lash lover, make sure to check out Model 21 lashes.  We’ve been converted…and we’re happy to spread the good word!

Are you a False Lash Lass, or do you prefer your natural lashes?  What’s your favorite lash look?


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