Thursday, September 27, 2012

2 Minute Review: Lorac PRO Palette

You know, there was a time when a person would tell us that they met their true love online, and we might have snickered under our breath.  We might have even worried that their dreamboat would turn out to be a serial killer or worse, a stinky person, hidden behind a relatively presentable photo. 

Our point of view has been reversed, however, since we met and fell in love with the Lorac PRO Palette, over the internet, this past summer.  

 Image source

Isn’t it lovely?  Doesn’t it make you swoon?  It’s almost too good to be true.  Immediately upon seeing it online, we knew we wanted it…the attraction was intense and undeniable. Through online posts and frequent trips to the Sephora website, we got to know the PRO Palette…and regardless of the fact that we had never met in person…we really thought it might be the real thing.

What if we were wrong, though?  What if we finally came face to face with the PRO Palette and it wasn’t all it had been cracked up to be?  What if we didn’t hit it off?  What if, behind the pretty picture was a palette that lacked substance and left us broken hearted?

It was a risk that, after several weeks of pining, we decided we were willing to take.  We chose a date…we went to Sephora…and as scandalous as it might sound…we picked that PRO Palette right up.

Ladies…you don’t have to worry…IT IS TRUE LOVE!

This palette is even more beautiful in person than it was online, and we HAD to have it as soon as we held it in our hands.  The colors are like velvet if that were even a thing…and they are just PERFECTION. 

Check it out…a little bit closer...

And some swatches...


Along with the fabulous shadows, you'll get a travel size tube of what might be my new favorite: Behind the Scenes Eye's divine!

That’s it girls…we are skeptics no more.  You CAN find true love online.  We can’t vouch for eHarmony or…but if you’re in the market for a Perfect Prince Charming in the form of a Palette…the PRO Palette is the one for you.  Go get him…he’ll sweep you off your feet!

Have you tried the PRO Palette by Lorac?  Do you believe in online romance?


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