Thursday, September 6, 2012

2 Minute Review: Carnivale by Ulta

It is always a huge disappointment when things fail to live up to our expectations. 

Based upon previous comedic greatness, we once saw Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy…and have yet to forgive ourselves.  We’ll never get that 96 minutes of our lives back.  :(

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This past weekend, K and I went down to Colorado, which we’re prone to doing when we want instant beauty gratification, hitting Ulta and Sephora and everywhere in between.  We found a bunch of fun things that we’ll certainly be enjoying and tweeting about for quite a while.  In the midst of all of our fabulous finds, however, the odds were that there would be at least one dud…and yeah…there was.

I present to you…the super cute, super fun, super affordable Carnivale Palette by Ulta:

Cute, right?  Isn’t it bright and fabulous and irresistible?  For $12.99, you get 9 gorgeous colors, a blush/bronzer, a lip color, and an eyeliner.  I could NOT pass it up.  I filled and emptied my bag several times at Ulta, trying to decide which treasures I wanted the most…but this little beauty never left my sight.  It was just too darling, and the price was right.  I couldn’t go wrong!

I went wrong.

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While the concept of “Carnivale” brings to mind fun, and music, and letting go of inhibitions…the Carnivale Palette is pretty much The Cable Guy of my makeup palettes.  It looks like it’s going to be a winner…and while, in all honesty, it’s not the WORST palette I’ve ever owned, it’s definitely one I wish I’d swatched before buying.   

The shadows in the palette are very very dry, first off…which is never cool…it makes me feel like I’m using old product.  It's actually pretty reminiscent of the texture of Tokidoki shadows...if you've ever tried those.  Additionally, even with quality eyeshadow primer (Lorac) it took several layers of color to reach any sort of acceptable pigment level…and blendability was iffy. 

I ended up with what I thought was an okay eye look for the day…and in the “pros” column, I should mention that staying power has been great.  No creasing and/or fading halfway through the afternoon.

Still…I know that I spent more time creating this look than I would have done creating an identical look with shadows from another palette…most likely because I feel like it took three times more shadow than usual to achieve the look I was going for.  I don’t know about you, but in the morning especially, time is a hot commodity…and knowing that I will have to allot twice as much time to my eyes any time I want to use this palette means that I will very VERY rarely use this palette.

I’m super bummed to admit it, but I really can’t recommend this one, gals.  The super-affordable price tag makes it seem like a safe bet…but you’d be much happier if you’d save your money and put it toward a more reliable choice from UD, Lorac, or even theBalm.

Have you tried these shadows?  Did I, perhaps, just get a bad palette?  Am I being unfair?  What’s your biggest "failed to live up to my expectations" purchase?


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