Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Wait Is Over: Eye of the Day

In the history of time, we here at WyoSparkles have been accused of a lot of things:

One thing you'd never EVER find a motivational poster (or message on a bathroom wall, for that matter) saying is that WyoSparkles...are patient.

We're not.  Not even at all. not our thing.

With that being said, we have been counting down the utter misery, no less...until we could take part in our favorite pastime (aside from being awesome, fabulous, and funny) and finally...TODAY IS THE DAY.

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It's FOOTBALL time!!  :)  While some football fans don't get super pumped about the preseason...we have missed football so much that we're chomping at the bit to catch any kind of NFL action that we can.  (Plus, we've got a couple of friends who are rookies in the NFL this year...and the preseason is prime rookie time!  hahaha...) 

We've got more than one favorite NFL team, but we're especially fond of the Houston Texans, the Philadelphia Eagles, and of course...our Denver Broncos!


Be still our football loving hearts...and probably prepare yourself for some football themed tweeting for a while... ; )

K used her Lime Crime Aquateania and Urban Decay Naked2 palettes to create a celebratory (and pretty freaking cool) Preseason themed look for today's Eye of the Day...

Are you a football fan?  What's your favorite NFL team?


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