Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Introducing Our Latest Addixt'n

One of our favorite things about beauty blogging is the chance that we have to interact with so many other fabulous friends who share our passion for beauty and cosmetics. It was through our daily interactions on Twitter that we became familiar with Addixt'n Cosmetics.

Addixt'n is a brand new line of cosmetics that launched earlier this year, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a couple of items from their collections this past month.

To our delight, we got a full sized blush in the bold and beautiful shade Razzle Dazzle...

...along with a full sized shadow in the frosty and fabulous shade Tantalize...

As you can see, Addixt'n products are very generously sized, and the colors are gorgeous.  Both the shadow and blush are super pigmented, and can be worn in all their bold brilliance...but also blend very easily with other products for a more subtle look.  We LOVE them!

As cosmetic fanatics, we are always always ALWAYS excited to try new products, and are especially thrilled to find such an exciting and beautiful line as Addixt'n seems to be.  If the other products on their site are as impressive as these two items, (and why wouldn't they be?) we see ourselves being totally Addicted to Addixt'n!  :)

Have you tried Addixt'n Cosmetics yet?  If so...what do you love?  If not...what are you waiting for?


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