Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In The Garden: Eye of the Day

J kind of has a brown thumb.

Under her watch, plants have been known to go from lush...

Image source flush...
Image source no time flat.  

J was raised by parents who have always had a healthy vegetable garden, and growing up with K as a friend should have rubbed off on her, as K always has an AMAZING flower garden in her yard.  

None of these influences, however, has helped.  J just doesn't have the Gardener Gene.  :(

J can find solace, however, and garden in her own way...with Stila's In The Garden palette, which is one of her very favorite (though shockingly under-used) palettes.  She grabbed it this morning to create a simple, but beautiful, Eye of the Day:

Do you have a green thumb?


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