Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If I Could Turn Back (or Forward!) Time: Eye of the Day

If there is one thing that can pretty much always make us laugh…it’s Jack McFarland “doing” Cher…

…now that…is comic perfection.

Like Jack…and Cher…we all wish, at least occasionally, that we could turn back time.  

How many times have you thought of the perfect comeback for someone who’s being a total jerkface…but it was 20 minutes after said jerkface was already gone?

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Or…how many of you wouldn’t jump at the chance to turn back time to when you didn’t have to pay bills or go to work, and your biggest stress was trying to decide which dress your Barbie was going to wear to her big date with Ken later that night?

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J probably has an infinite number of moments in her life that she would “do over” if she had the chance, but every August, she finds herself in a bit of a time travel wishing dilemma.  She’s dying to turn back time to May, so she can live the summer over again…and definitely isn’t looking forward to the snow and cold and multiple unflattering layers that come with winter.  

 Image source

However…working at a College and getting ready for a new school year, August is one of those times of the year when J’s life gets super crazy.  Her family and friends don't see her...she spends WAY too much time at the office...and not nearly enough time having fun and/or sleeping.  For the last couple of weeks in August, J usually just wishes that she could travel FORWARD in time rather than back…landing safely in the calm and football that is September.

J hasn’t discovered a time machine yet…but she did find some time to create a pretty blue look, featuring Addixt’n’s Tantalize, for today’s Eye of the Day.

What would you do over if you could turn back time?  Where would you go if you could travel into the future?


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