Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Green, Glorious Green: Eye of the Day

You know, if we had to pick a favorite place...we could probably come to an answer pretty quickly:

 Image source

If you wanted us to choose a favorite wouldn't be hard at all:

Image source
If you wanted us to pick a favorite color, however...the odds are that we'd be a little stumped.  I mean, come on....there are just too many to love!
 Image source

One color we especially love, however, is Glorious Green.  So many of our favorite things are green:

And, as far as eye looks go, we find that green compliments so many other colors, and is flattering on almost everyone...we can't get enough of it!
K celebrated her love for green by creating today's Eye of the Day with green shades from two Coastal Scents "Go" Palettes...Paris and London:

We're not sure if Kermit is right when he says it's not easy being green...but it sure is pretty!

What is your favorite color?



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