Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ditching Dewy: Milani Multitasker Face Powder

So for the past several years, I (J) have been a Dewy Girl.

No...not a Dewey Girl...

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Not a Dewey Girl...

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A DEWY Girl...as in I've been a illuminator/highlighter loving, shimmery bronzer wearing, disco ball face if I'm not careful kind of girl.  For the longest time...I have liked to glow.

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I was happy glowing.  I looked good glowing.  Glowing was my thing.  One day last week, though, I woke up and thought..."What if I don't want to glow anymore?"


What if...after all these years, I want to be a Matte Girl?

It had been so long since I'd gone for a matte look...I didn't know if I could even do it.  I didn't want to look dull...but what if I did?  Even though I've recently admired matte looks on many different people...(probably inspiring my sudden change of heart)...what if on me...it didn't work?  What if I looked pasty?  What if not glowing could not be my thing?

I was stressing.  I wanted something, and didn't know if I could have it.  I felt a little bit like Veruca Salt...but with much better hair.

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I decided that I wouldn't know until I tried...so I took all of my shimmery/highlighting products out of my routine...(except for eyeshadow...let's be real)...just to see if I could survive without them.  Enter Milani's Multitasker Face Powder...and EXIT all of my worries!

This pressed powder is a dream come true for a "should I, or should I not, dabble into the matte world" girl like me. 

For those of you who use Milani products, you won't be surprised to learn that this powder goes on smooth, has a velvety soft finish, and pretty much rocks my socks (and shine) right off!  My face doesn't look drab or dull at all...it just doesn't look shimmery.  It's like I'm glowing...without glowing.  I LOVE it.

If you're a Glowing Goddess, but are looking to delve into the world of being Magnificent & Matte...or if you've been a Matte Girl all along, but want to try something new and fabulous...I highly recommend letting this Milani powder help you in your efforts.

Have you tried this Milani pressed powder?  What products do you use to achieve a perfect matte look?


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