Friday, August 3, 2012

All I Need Is A Miracle: Eye of the Day

Do you believe in miracles?

In our own lives, we been faced with situations where things happened that logically shouldn't have happened.

Babies have beat the odds in high risk pregnancies and have joined our families, happy and healthy...

 Image source

Cars have spun out of control on icy winter roads...somehow missing every car and tree and fence and ditch that they should have landed in...bringing us home safely to our families...

Image source

And, the Wyoming Cowboys held the Fresno State Bulldogs for 4 consecutive downs at the goal line in the 2009 New Mexico Bowl, allowing them to go on and pull off the upset in double overtime!

Video source

We can't deny these, and many other, miracles in our lives...and we cherish each one of them. what will forever be known as "The 2012 Miracle on Boulder Drive," (we don't have a 34th Street) J's eye makeup held tough all day long, even though her eyes have been horribly watery and miserable and consequently just ugly for the rest of the week!

J celebrated Casual Friday with a neutral look created with her Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette...making sure to add a little pop of Deep End on the bottom for fun...and it MIRACULOUSLY stayed fresh and pretty all day long, to become today's Eye of the Day:

Do you believe in miracles?  


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