Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Sure Thing: Eye of the Day

We live in a world that is constantly changing...nothing, really, stays the same for very long, does it?  I mean, as soon as you buy any Apple product, it is guaranteed that Apple will announce the release of a newer and better version of said product...about three days later.

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We are forced to accept that the Indianapolis Colts will continue to exist...even without Peyton Manning.  (We actually refuse to accept this...the Indianapolis WHO?  We HEART Peyton...Go Broncos!)

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Thankfully, while we are surrounded by change every day, there are some things that are consistent in our lives. 

Regardless of disagreements, arguments, or all our fights...and no matter if they drive us CRAZY sometimes...we are always always always going to love our families more than anything in the world...

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Whether he is playing a soldier, a dancer/stripper, or a basketball player...Channing Tatum is always going to be super dreamy...

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And even if J's eyes decide to be super watery and ridiculous ALL WEEK LONG so that her makeup is never suitable for public consumption...K is always going to have consistently fabulous eye looks so that our Eye of the Day feature (meant to alternate between the two of us) never derails.  Phew!

K grabbed her Sleek Acid palette today to create this beautiful and shimmery look...

Thank goodness for Sleek's gorgeous colors....thank goodness that not everyone has eyes as watery as J's have been this week....and especially, thank GOODNESS for K's amazing consistency.  She's solid as a rock!

What "rocks" do you have in your life?  What can you really count on?


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