Monday, August 6, 2012

2 Minute Review: Schwing Liquid Eyeliner by theBalm

So...if you asked us to pick just one product as the MVP in a great eye look...we would most likely laugh right in your face, because you clearly know nothing about how we create eye looks.  Eye looks are team creations...there are no MVPs...without every element, said eye look would fail.

That being said...we DO love a good eyeliner, and J was super excited when she spotted this Schwing black liquid eyeliner, by theBalm, during a recent Hautelook event.  We love love love theBalm, and we LOVE Hautelook events.  :)

Per the product description on theBalm's website, Schwing has a "uniquely thin tapered, felt-tip applicator."  This was a huge selling point for J, because while she loves the bold beauty that liquid liner provides, she is not the steadiest gun in the west, and sometimes...her lines are less than pristine.  Felt tip applicators are FABULOUS for folks like J...perfect dark dramatic lines...created with firm control...woohoo!

Upon receiving the product, J was a little dismayed to find that while the tip may be made of felt, it's not firm at's bendy as can be...and might as well be a brush.  :(

This is not to say that the product is's just going to take more of an steady hand than J's used to having.  :)  The product itself is fabulous. The matte black liner is as black as black can get...which we love...and the liner dries quickly, which is always a plus.

The packaging is darling, too...

Overall, we can confidently recommend this liner for anyone who does like black liquid certainly won't disappoint.  HOWEVER...if you have unsteady hands, do not let the promise of an easy to control felt tip lure you in...this tip is closer, control-wise, to a brush than you might keep that in mind before buying.

Have you tried this liner?  What do you think of it?  What is your favorite (and easiest to apply) liquid liner?


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