Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 Minute Review: Lip Booms by MUA

When it comes to our faces, we all have features that we seem to favor...and those that we feel like need some work in order to be fabulous.  Those who weren't born with perfectly long and lush lashes, wear mascara and false lashes to accentuate them.  Those who don't have perfect and high placed cheekbones, use contouring, blush, and highlighters to make everyone think that they do.

And...those who aren't blessed with perfectly pout-i-licious lips should probably look into grabbing some Lip Booms, from MUA.

These super fun babies are a combination of lipstick on one end, and super sparkly gloss on the other, allowing you to create the look of plump and shapely lips.

K grabbed two booms during a recent MUA purchase...the which is a fairly nude color, paired with a melon-ish gloss...

...and OMG, a peachy lipstick paired with what turned out to look like the same gloss that came with the other colors do feature different gloss shades)...

We love the versatility that these Lip Booms offer, as if you tend to gravitate toward can wear the gloss alone for a spectacular and shiny look...

Or...if you are after a more matte look, you can always wear the lipsticks all on their own.

For the best of both worlds, though, we love that you can combine your gloss and your lipstick for the perfect cocktail of beautiful color, along with multidimensional shine!

We've only recently delved into the MUA world, but we are MORE than impressed with the products we've tried so far.  These Lip Booms, along with everything else (stay tuned for more reviews!) are perfect tools in our quest to foll everyone into thinking we were born with the perfect features we always wished we had.

Have you tried MUA's Lip Booms yet?  What is your favorite product for creating the perfect pout?


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