Friday, August 10, 2012

2 Minute Review: (Fabu) Fill by Clinical Care Skin Solutions

We were chatting with our friend Elaine at our last spa day, and she told us about a new line of products she was going to be featuring, by Clinical Care Skin Solutions.

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We were unfamiliar with the line, but Elaine knows we're always excited to try new things, so we played with some of the products at the salon and were pretty impressed.

Clinical Care features two different with products to combat the effects of aging, and the other to fight against acne.  Somehow we find ourselves wanting to do both of those things at the same every product we looked at was one we wanted to keep.

Elaine gave us each a sample of one particular product to take home, which is called (Fabu) Fill.

Elaine told us that (Fabu) Fill as perfect for smoothing lines and wrinkles, which we all know provides a much better palette for our makeup.  We have both been trying to fall in love with a skin primer for a while, and we were eager to try it out.

The consistency of the product is much like other primers, and it absorbs into your skin immediately.  Upon using it for the first time, it was clear that a little bit goes a loooong way; Elaine gave us each a fairly small sample, and it has lasted quite a while.

So...did we like it? guys?  YOU GUYS?


We've heard a lot of promises from a lot of products, but when Clinical Care says that (Fabu) Fill is "instant gratification" that leaves you with "ultra smooth, ultra sleek, sexy skin," they are serious!  This product seriously made our skin feel polished silver.  Or porcelain.  Or...well...the smoothest skin you have ever felt.  EVER.  We are a tiny bit obsessed.

The 11 ounce full sized tub will set you back about $50.00...but we think it's well worth the price.  Having gotten at least two weeks (seriously) worth of use from the very small sample we received, the tub would last quite a while and easily pay for itself in fabulousness.

If you're looking for a new primer for your face...we cannot recommend this product with more excitement.  Definitely lives up to it's FABULOUS name.  :)  Also, check out Clinical Care Skin Solutions' other products at their site here...they are bound to be amazing!

Have you tried (Fabu) Fill, or other Clinical Care Skin Solutions products?  What do you think?



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