Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 Minute Review: Pistol Polish

Because we love nail polish, and because we love getting fun packages in the mail, and because we cannot resist a good deal, we recently signed up as members of the Pistol Polish program.

If you’re unfamiliar with this subscription plan, it works like many others, in that you pay a flat fee ($17.99 per month) and receive one package, containing two polishes, each month from Pistol Polish. 

For our first month with the program, we got two super fun colors, both of which that we fell in love with immediately. 

Being delightful darlings from the Cowboy State, we’re especially enamored with the little guns on each bottle.  SO CUTE!

Now…for the color details!  First off, a fabulous bright pink color, which is called Stick Up.  It’s the perfect balance of bright pink, without feeling TOO flashy/wild.

Secondly, we got CrimiNAIL, an unbelievably cool gunmetal/silver color.  We are a little obsessed with this shade…it’s so sparkly/classy/fabulous/fun and it goes with anything!

We put these awesome colors to the test last night to see if they lived up to our expectations.  The first thing we noticed when using the polishes was that they have a thinner consistency than some other polishes that we’re most used to.  This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, but it’s something to be aware of if you prefer a thicker, “one coat does the trick” polish.  Neither shade offered full coverage with just one coat…but we both felt good about the coverage after a second coat.

Another thing that we found, after we were done painting, was that these polishes do take a little longer to dry than some mainstream polishes.  Again, we don’t see this as a problem…as the gorgeous color output is totally worth it…but if you’re going to use these polishes, make sure you have a little extra time to allow them to dry fully.  With a high shine topcoat (and a little glitter…because let’s be honest…we’re always going to throw in some glitter)…we could not be happier with the results we got!

We’re super excited to be members of the Pistol Polish program, and can’t wait to see what colors we get to play with next month!

Have you heard of Pistol Polish?  Let us know if you’re a member, and what your thoughts are so far!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If I Could Turn Back (or Forward!) Time: Eye of the Day

If there is one thing that can pretty much always make us laugh…it’s Jack McFarland “doing” Cher…

…now that…is comic perfection.

Like Jack…and Cher…we all wish, at least occasionally, that we could turn back time.  

How many times have you thought of the perfect comeback for someone who’s being a total jerkface…but it was 20 minutes after said jerkface was already gone?

 Image source

Or…how many of you wouldn’t jump at the chance to turn back time to when you didn’t have to pay bills or go to work, and your biggest stress was trying to decide which dress your Barbie was going to wear to her big date with Ken later that night?

 Image source

J probably has an infinite number of moments in her life that she would “do over” if she had the chance, but every August, she finds herself in a bit of a time travel wishing dilemma.  She’s dying to turn back time to May, so she can live the summer over again…and definitely isn’t looking forward to the snow and cold and multiple unflattering layers that come with winter.  

 Image source

However…working at a College and getting ready for a new school year, August is one of those times of the year when J’s life gets super crazy.  Her family and friends don't see her...she spends WAY too much time at the office...and not nearly enough time having fun and/or sleeping.  For the last couple of weeks in August, J usually just wishes that she could travel FORWARD in time rather than back…landing safely in the calm and football that is September.

J hasn’t discovered a time machine yet…but she did find some time to create a pretty blue look, featuring Addixt’n’s Tantalize, for today’s Eye of the Day.

What would you do over if you could turn back time?  Where would you go if you could travel into the future?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 Minute Review: Lip Booms by MUA

When it comes to our faces, we all have features that we seem to favor...and those that we feel like need some work in order to be fabulous.  Those who weren't born with perfectly long and lush lashes, wear mascara and false lashes to accentuate them.  Those who don't have perfect and high placed cheekbones, use contouring, blush, and highlighters to make everyone think that they do.

And...those who aren't blessed with perfectly pout-i-licious lips should probably look into grabbing some Lip Booms, from MUA.

These super fun babies are a combination of lipstick on one end, and super sparkly gloss on the other, allowing you to create the look of plump and shapely lips.

K grabbed two booms during a recent MUA purchase...the which is a fairly nude color, paired with a melon-ish gloss...

...and OMG, a peachy lipstick paired with what turned out to look like the same gloss that came with the other colors do feature different gloss shades)...

We love the versatility that these Lip Booms offer, as if you tend to gravitate toward can wear the gloss alone for a spectacular and shiny look...

Or...if you are after a more matte look, you can always wear the lipsticks all on their own.

For the best of both worlds, though, we love that you can combine your gloss and your lipstick for the perfect cocktail of beautiful color, along with multidimensional shine!

We've only recently delved into the MUA world, but we are MORE than impressed with the products we've tried so far.  These Lip Booms, along with everything else (stay tuned for more reviews!) are perfect tools in our quest to foll everyone into thinking we were born with the perfect features we always wished we had.

Have you tried MUA's Lip Booms yet?  What is your favorite product for creating the perfect pout?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Introducing Our Latest Addixt'n

One of our favorite things about beauty blogging is the chance that we have to interact with so many other fabulous friends who share our passion for beauty and cosmetics. It was through our daily interactions on Twitter that we became familiar with Addixt'n Cosmetics.

Addixt'n is a brand new line of cosmetics that launched earlier this year, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a couple of items from their collections this past month.

To our delight, we got a full sized blush in the bold and beautiful shade Razzle Dazzle...

...along with a full sized shadow in the frosty and fabulous shade Tantalize...

As you can see, Addixt'n products are very generously sized, and the colors are gorgeous.  Both the shadow and blush are super pigmented, and can be worn in all their bold brilliance...but also blend very easily with other products for a more subtle look.  We LOVE them!

As cosmetic fanatics, we are always always ALWAYS excited to try new products, and are especially thrilled to find such an exciting and beautiful line as Addixt'n seems to be.  If the other products on their site are as impressive as these two items, (and why wouldn't they be?) we see ourselves being totally Addicted to Addixt'n!  :)

Have you tried Addixt'n Cosmetics yet?  If so...what do you love?  If not...what are you waiting for?

Friday, August 17, 2012

2 Minute Review: SheaTerra Organics Marula Whipped Shea Butter

You've probably figured out by now (because we've blatantly said it) that we really love subscription boxes.  Through these services, we have been introduced to so many products that we most likely would have never tried...and our lives wouldn't be nearly as awesome without those products!

Another great find that K discovered thanks to GLOSSYBOX is this SheaTerra Organics Marula Whipped Shea Butter. 

Any product that is going to go above and beyond the call of regular lotion, and really really REALLY moisturize our skin is going to win us over, and this body butter does just that.  One of the coolest things about this butter, though, is that because it's made from all natural ingredients, it's a non chemical-filled product don't have to be afraid to use.  :)

If you're not super familiar with body butters in general, they are essentially a super concentrated lotion, and they work wonders for keeping skin soft and supple for longer than regular lotions can.  They are especially AWESOME to use right after shaving your least we think so.

There isn't much we can say about this product, other than the fact that it is thick, it's creamy, and that its moisturizing effects last a LONG time.  Our only complaint is that this little 1.0 ounce tub can't last forever.  Oh other smells AMAZING. 

If you're in the market for a body butter that does exactly what a body butter is supposed to do...this one comes highly recommended!  We LOVE it!

Do you use body butter?  What are your favorite products to moisturize?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sample Society by Beauty Bar: August is Awesome!

Yes, it's true...we've got another subscription box to reveal.  :) 

This time, it's our August Sample Society box, which made us grin from ear to ear!

In the August edition of the Sample Society box, we found:

  • Malin+Goetz vitamin e face moisturizer
  •  Facial Detox, a purifying facial mask by elemental herbology
  •  Cranberry Facial Toner by Arcona
  • Longest Lash mascara by Jane Iredale, in Black Ice
  •  Phytonectar Oil, a nourishing oil hair treatment by Phyto




Did you hear read that?  This just might be the best Sample Society box of all time, because we love love love painting our nails...we love Deborah Lippmann...and we LOVE the gorgeous purple shade.

Sigh...does it get any better? 

We're pleased as punch with the other products in this box...(J has been chomping at the bit to try the mascara)...but they don't do much to set Sample Society apart from other boxes this month.  Thanks to Deborah Lippmann, however, Sample Society just might be our favorite August box...woohoo!

Do you subscribe to Sample Society?  Which product made it SO worth it for you?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OPI and Mariah Carey!! (coming January 2013)

From signing with American Idol as the show's newest Judge to releasing her latest promotional single "Triumphant" off her upcoming album, to being a working mom to her darling twins, Mariah seems to be doing it all.........AND SO WHY NOT ink a deal with OPI for her very own nail polish collection!?!?

“OPI is thrilled to work with Mariah, an industry icon who loves nails and considers lacquer one of her favorite accessories. With her magnetic personality both on and off the stage, Mariah serves as a great inspiration for beautiful, bold colors.” - Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Executive Vice President and Artistic Director of OPI

Of course, we at WyoSparkles are beyond excited!!  We love Mariah and we love nail polish!!  Sounds like a winning combo to us. 

The bold and full of sparkles (we're guessing and hoping) collection isn't due out till January 2013.  Cross your fingers that a sneak peek will be here soon!!  VERY SOON!!

What do you think of this collaboration?  What do you think the collection may include?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 Minute Review: Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm

Hey All,

If there is anything more annoying than dry heels, we don't know what it is.  Okay, just kidding, the only thing more annoying than dry heels are heels that are cracked and SO dry, and you're embarrassed to let them see the light of day, for fear that you'll be mocked on the street, and when you DO let them out for some fresh air, all they do is catch on the carpet...which is THE WORST!

Yeah...we hate dry heels.  We live in a pretty dry climate here in Wyoming, and have learned to always be on the lookout for home pedicure products, in an effort to stop dryness before it starts, and to keep our feet soft, smooth, and absolutely not embarrassing at all.  :)

Enter Pedix Feet, a Heel Rescue Balm by Alessandro.

K received a 1.01 ounce tube of this heel cream in a recent GLOSSYBOX, and girls...let me just tell you...she is glad she did!

Most of the promises on the tube are in other languages ( foot cream of mystery!)   AND ta-da!!  We've learned another language... you got us, we didn't learn a new language, but we did look it up on their site.

According to :

Heel Rescue Balm

The ultimate savior for rough, dry feet! This luxurious cream, enriched with MarinaVital complex, helps prevent the build-up of hard skin with long lasting results. The soothing and effective combination of shea butter, allantoin and tea tree oil provides intensive protection and nourishes skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  • Prevents the formulation of callus
  • Deepactingcare
  • Nourishes dry feet with the exclusive MarinaVital® complex and essential oils
AND we can also tell you what it did for K's feet!

The thick and creamy balm goes on smoothly, and absorbed without feeling greasy at all.  Most importantly, after using this cream for just a couple of nights, K found that her heels were noticeably more smooth and rough edges were far less prominent.  The product is infused with those lovely ingredients listed above, but most importantly, it does have our favorite...Tea Tree Oil, which we always love, and leaves tired feet feeling invigorated, along with being smooth!!

K has been making the most of the small tube she got from GLOSSYBOX, but will definitely consider buying this one's a smooth heel creating winner!

What are your favorite at home pedi products?

Magnetic Nails--We're Hooked!

I'm sure that we're not alone when we say that we kind of go through phases where we find ourselves grabbing certain products more than others...and our current nail obsession is magnetic polish.

The only line we've used is the Sally Hansen line...but we love that we can have fun "nail art" with minimal effort, and we get tons of compliments on our magnetic looks every day.  We're in LOVE!


 Image source

What magnetic polishes have you tried?  Do you love or hate them, or are you indifferent?  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Eggs-ellent Eye of the Day!

Do you realize that there are over 100 ways to cook an egg? 

It’s pretty amazing how you can start with one thing…and come up with SO many different ending results.

And don’t even get us started on the variety of things you can do when you take those eggs and add some flour and milk…

 Image source

We love having options with our eggs…and with our baked goods…and with our makeup!

One of the best things about being a makeup-aholic is that you can create a trillion and one different looks with all of the different products you accumulate over time.  You see a certain shadow, and you immediately think about how it would blend and compliment another shadow or product that you have.  Then, you throw in a bit of an eyeliner you’ve never used with those colors…and you have something new, all over again!  The options are endless.

You don’t have to have a million and one different products, though, to create a new look every day.  Just like boiling/frying/scrambling/poaching eggs, we’ve found that there are so many different things you can do…using the exact same “ingredients.”

You might remember that K created a fun NFL Preseason themed look last week, featuring her Lime Crime Aquataenia and Urban Decay Naked 2 palettes.  Today, using the exact same palettes, she has created something entirely different.  

Do you like to "scramble" things up with your products and do something new every time...or are you more likely to use the same products to create specific looks each time?  How do you like your eggs? 


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