Thursday, July 12, 2012

We're Crazy...for the Eye of the Day!

There are some things that never go out of style. 

The perfect French manicure, the classic Little Black Dress, and fabulous music…

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Admittedly, we have found ourselves to be temporary fans of one hit wonders and music trends that (thankfully) did not stand the test of time…

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…however, there is music that we’ll never stop listening to, regardless of other trends that come and go.  We like The Beach Boys and the Beatles and Johnny Cash.  We love Elvis Presley.  

 Photo courtesy of K's office. :)

Like…we REALLY love Elvis Presley.   One of these days we’re going to handcuff ourselves to the steps at Graceland and have to be dragged off the property…hopefully by a hot security guard.

There is something about the “oldies” that never gets old…and we love that.  :)

Recently the musical “Always…Patsy Cline” played at the University of Wyoming, and we both had the chance to go see it.  While we’d seen the production before, we loved being reminded of Patsy’s velvet voice, her warm personality, and her timeless music.

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From “Walkin’ After Midnight” to “She’s Got You” to “Crazy,” Patsy sang about having the blues like nobody’s business.  When it came to lamenting love lost…she was PERFECTION.

With a little help from MAC's "Sky," K channeled Patsy’s love for the blues with this super blue Eye of the Day:

It's definitely a hit!

What's your favorite kind of music?  Do you go for new trends...or timeless classics?



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