Thursday, July 5, 2012

We're All Little Sinners! (Eye of the Day!)

Look, none of us is perfect, right?  As much as we like to think that we are good people…and we try to be!!...we have to admit that from time to time…we’ve been known to be a little naughty.  :(

When K was young, her mom was at work, and she got a little too curious about a present under the Christmas tree.  As carefully as she could, K peeled back some of the wrapping paper to reveal a FABULOUS plush Starlite pony to accompany her Rainbow Brite doll.

When she was done peeking and couldn’t restore the perfect wrapping job, she called her mom at work and said that her little sister, a toddler at the time, had opened up the present, and she saw what had been inside!

J wasn’t any better.  As a child, she once snuck a pack of Hubba Bubba bubble gum into her pocket and took it home without paying for it...turning herself into a little thief.

J knew she couldn’t chew the gum without her mom asking where she’d gotten it, so whenever she wanted a piece, she would go hide in the laundry room and chew to her heart’s content.  Then, when she was done, she hid the unfinished pack behind the dryer.

We won’t even get into the time we ran away from home together and were caught wandering around in the middle of the street, probably in the middle of traffic.  (Actually, we can’t really get into it…because we were two and actually don’t remember it at all...)

The point is…we can admit that we don’t always make the best decisions.  Sometimes we make mistakes…and sometimes…well...we make deliberate bad choices.  (Perms, anyone?)  Quit with the judginess though…you’re not perfect either, right?  Right??

Really…if we’re honest…we have to admit that there’s a little sinner in every one of us.

J celebrates her personal “Little Sinner” with Kat Von D’s Little Sinner palette and today’s Eye of the Day.  She’s even got a sinful little gleam in her eye…

Let’s face it…when being sinful means looking fabulous, sometimes it’s hard to be good! ; )

What’s your favorite childhood “Little Sinner” confession?


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