Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Truly Talented: Eye of the Day

Whether or not you're into the Olympics, you have to admit that the athletes who are competing have been blessed with exceptional talent.  Certainly there is hard work and dedication involved in their training, but it would be hard to argue that these athletes weren't born with a little bit of a talent for the things they are doing.

Clearly we can't all be Olympic athletes...who would stay home to watch the Games if everybody was there competing?  And...even though most of us weren't blessed with an innate knack for the pommel horse...

Image source

...we certainly have all been born with one talent or another.  

Some people are born to dance...

Image source

...or to sing...

Image source

...but we are pretty sure that here at WyoSparkles...we were born to...
Image source

Shopping is something that we have always done well...it just comes naturally!  And, just like any Olympic athlete or singer or dancer knows...if you don't use your talent...you just might lose your talent...so we make sure to shop just as often as we can. :)

We met up after work last night to see if we might find something fun...and along with some other finds for both of us, K grabbed one of L'Oreal's Infallible Eyeshadows, in Glistening Garnet.  If you haven't tried the Infallible line yet, you need to get on that...because they are all amazing!  K paired her new shadow with Urban Decay's Bordello to create a fabulous Eye of the Day:
What natural talent do you boast?  What talent do you WISH you had?


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