Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Simply Gorgeous: Eye of the Day

Are kids still required to take Home Economics in Junior High?  Back in the day, Home Ec was required for all students, and while the cooking side of things was never too much of a challenge for either of us (credit our mothers for teaching us how to cook, I guess?) neither one of us could honestly make grand claims of being master seamstresses.

We've been known to sew things when there was no other option...(Halloween sometimes does that to a girl!)...but in the backs of our minds, we're always afraid our creations are going to end up like that horrifying shirt that Denise sewed for Theo on The Cosby Show:

 Image source

We can't figure out why so many patterns are called "easy to sew" when they are anything but easy...and the whole Simplicity line...

 Image source our experience, anyway...needs a new dictionary, as the official definition of "simplicity" is "the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do," and we don't find anything about the idea of sewing easy!

One thing that does come easily to K, it seems, is creating a gorgeous eye look.  Sometimes less is more, and intricate use of 98 colors isn't necessary.  K blended silvers, pinks, and purples from her Acid and Glory palettes from Sleek to piece together one fabulous...and Simple...Eye of the Day.

Are you a better seamstress than we are?  What's your favorite way to use your "Home Ec" skills?


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