Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reporting for Duty - Beauty Army (June 2012)

She was a famous beauty guru from out Wyoming way
She had a makeup style that was pretty good, I say.
She was a top girl at her craft
But then her number came up and she was gone with the draft
She's in the army now, a-singin' happily 
She's the makeup shakeup beauty girl of Company B
She's in the  Beauty Army now....

 Ok, so maybe we wouldn't technically make it in the Army...Army, but Beauty Army is an absolute dream come true!

Check out our foot locker (cute pink camo lined box) of goodies this month!!

Instead of washing up in a cold shower with 50 other people, we get to pamper our skin with the LaFresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser.  These paraben free wipes smell amazing and feel great on our skin. 

Instead of spending hours at the shooting range, aiming at a meaningless target, we are armed with ClickR Skin Care's No More Derma Drama acne spot serum.  This little secret weapon promises to banish blemishes and problem spots....sometimes within 24 hours!!!

Like any good soldier, we're prepared (wait is that the Boy Scouts?) for any situation, especially when we're using this new found delight!  Provocateur Mascara by NYX makes it easy to achieve two different styles with one "magical" brush. 

Level 1 pulls the brush through a wide wiper, leaving a generous amount of product on the brush.  This is to achieve fuller and more dramatic results.  (We like that!!)

Level 2 pulls the brush (same brush!!) through a more narrow wiper, which leaves a smaller amount of product on the applicator for a more delicate application.  This is awesome for lower lashes!!

It would be all TOO terrifying to negotiate a field of land mines, but let's face it, sometimes that's what it feels like when we look in the mirror in the morning.  Kellet's acne clarifying treatment makes the task a breeze, though.  Clear skin, here we come!

We have no idea what it smells like inside the Army Barracks, but our guess is that it doesn't smell very good!  One time, we were in the locker room of a baseball team, between innings, WHOA --  J almost passed out and K ran for the nearest garbage can.  Bottom line, cramped quarters full of sweaty dirty men - don't smell good! 

You wanna know what does smell good?  Our new perfume samples.  Pink Sugar by Aquolina smells light and fun and kinda makes us want to head to a whimsical state fair.

Leila Lou by Rosie Jane has a fresh floral scent that reminds us of the wildflowers in the beautiful Wyoming mountains.

Either one of these fabulous scents may help you attract a sexy soldier rather than smell like one.  Our preference is the Pink Sugar.

We can not sing loud enough praises for our June Beauty Army box!  We love being a part of a program that allows us to hand pick our samples each month, so we're more likely to love everything we get....and we always do!

All jokes aside, as the 4th of July approaches, we want to express our very sincere appreciation for all of the men and women, who do serve in our Armed Forces.  We are very aware of the sacrifies that they and their families make for the sake of our Country.

Are you a member of Beauty Army?  We'd love to hear about your samples!


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