Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Praying for Clear Air and Blue Skies--Eye of the Day

We miss blue skies.

Many people are well-aware that wildfires have swept through the western mountains in the past month, and while we’re used to blue skies and sunshine in the summer, the smoke from the fires surrounding us has made many of our days hazy and gray. :(

We’ve closely watched developments of the fires to the south in Colorado, but we were somewhat caught off guard when the forests just a few miles west of us…home to some of our all-time favorite memories of camping, hiking, fishing, and playing…fell victim to wildfire over the weekend.  Trees and fields and mountains that we love are burning…and people that we care about are being evacuated.  We are just so sad.

Having lived in the west our whole lives, we have always been surrounded by trees and forests, but we have no experience with anything like the fires that are very literally surrounding us right now:

It’s sad and it’s scary and then it’s sad again.  :(

We have faith in the hard work of firefighters and volunteers around the region, and we pray for their safety.  We know that eventually, these devastating blazes will be contained, and that blue skies…both literally, and figuratively, will return.

We love the look that K created with an Emori palette for today’s Eye of the Day.  Purples and pinks and blues remind us of clear blue skies and beautiful sunsets.  

We can’t wait until we get to see those things for real again.

Have you been affected by this summer’s outbreak of wildfires?  Wherever you are, we hope that you are happy and safe!


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