Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NEW LAUNCH!! Engineered with an Edge - Sigma Brushes

If you've ever tried Sigma brushes, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say "love at first brush."  All brushes are certainly not created equal...and though we do use other brushes at times, the Sigma brand has always had the edge.

Starting today, Sigma celebrates that edge...pretty literally...with the launch of two new, super-angled, brushes.

The F88 – Flat Angled Kabuki and P88 – Precision Flat Angled are the latest edition to the best-selling Sigmax collection. Both brushes are engineered to provide an efficient and superior application of cream and liquid products. Sigma continues to lead the pack here, as the innovative flat angled design is completely unique and not offered by any other brush supplier in the industry.

The F88 brush blends foundation easily onto hard to reach areas of the face. The specially designed angle fits all areas of the face seamlessly. The F88 works especially well on the cheekbones and contours of the nose. (Hooray!!  The crease/edge on the left side of J's nose is not technically that hard to reach, but for some reason, her foundation seems to regularly avoid that crease while using traditional she's super hyped to try this out!)

The P88 brush is best used for precise application of concealer products. It works particularly well around the eyes and nose.  (Woohoo!  K has recently delved into the wondrous art of contouring, and has become quite a wiz, to be honest.  She can't wait to see how this little beauty amps up her application!)

We have long been champions of those who cannot always afford high end products, and really think that with proper application, you can achieve great results without spending a ton of money.  If you're going to splurge, though, we cannot encourage you enough to make that splurge on these (and really all) Sigma brushes.  

Sigma's brushes are a dream...(and I mean the best kind of dream, where you see that hot guy across the room and lock eyes, and somehow flash forward to where you two are infinitely in love and walking hand-in-hand in the moonlight, and he's the BEST. KISSER. EVER. kind of dream) work with.  That's right ladies.  Sigma makes the hot mystery dream guy of cosmetic brushes.  Regardless of the products you prefer...Sigma brushes will help those products look better.  Plain and simple. 

If you've never used Sigma brushes before, these two new angled brushes might be a great place to start.  We are beyond excited to snatch ours up and get to feeling a little more beautiful every day.

Are you as excited as us??  Have you already ordered yours?



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