Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NARS Fall Collection 2012

We'll be the first to admit, we're counting down the days till football starts.  Warm fall afternoons, the smell of popcorn and hotdogs in the air, the sounds of the screaming fans and the band jubilantly playing the school rally song, the...

photo courtesy of footballbabble.com

...ohh wow, I got a little carried away.  I really do love me some football.

BUT REALLY!?!?  Can't summer just slow down...just a little?  Is it seriously already July?

It seems like we dig out our swimsuits and beach balls and run off to the nearest pool or beach only to be thwarted with the marketing propaganda shoving FALL in our faces.   Hold up...we wanna concentrate on summer, not fall!

Here in Wyoming, there is pretty much nothing better than the long days of summer, when it's warm and sunny all the time, the grass is green and lush, and the flowers are all in bloom.

photo courtesy of bestfreewallpapers.info

See...you wouldn't be in any hurry to not be able to look at that every single day, right?  So just back off, freaking pushy calendar with your time that always marches on, and let us enjoy our summer for 13 seconds, okay?!?!?!

Inhale...exhale....okay...feeling better.

While we have full intentions of enjoying every last drop of summer fabulousness that we can, it helps, at least a little bit, to soften the "Fall is Coming Whether You Like It Or Not" blow to know that Fall is pretty fabulous, too.

Of course, the previously mentioned football season will begin in the fall...and there is pretty much nothing more exciting than football.  Also, while bright summer colors are our favorite, Wyoming in the Fall has its charms, as well:

photo courtesy of wallpapers5.com

Finally...when you know that a fabulous new collection from Nars is on its way...you know that the arrival of fall will be glorious, after all.

The upcoming fall collection for 2012 has me literally breathless...........

....and...ok, I think I've caught my breath.  But seriously...it's touch and go, even as we present these pictures to you...
photo courtesy of Nordstrom.com

Of course, any rational thinking girl is going to want to buy every last bit of this collection, but as of today...and I say that thinking about my pocketbook and all the other fall collections that are surfacing AS we speak...we're MOST sold by the following ohhh so lovely items.

NARS for Fall 2012 Nail Polish $18
Shade:  Storm Bird

photo courtesy of MusingsofaMuse.com

WOW!!  This color has us literally giddy!  Gray coupled with purples and greens......LOVE!

NARS Eyeshadow Trio for Fall 2012 $45
Shade:  High Society
photo courtesy of Nordstrom.com

Oooo la la, this trio of harmonious color combinations of eyeshadow shades screams Fall and we're totally loving it!  Worn alone or together, all shades feature highly pigmented, micro-fine powders that are long-wearing and crease resistant.

NARS for Fall 2012 The Multiple Stick $39
Shade:  Undress Me

photo courtesy of Nordstrom.com

What a beautiful color!!!  This multi-purpose stick is for your eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Its unique, lightweight, cream-to-powder formula claims to blend effortlessly.  Ahhhh :)

It is outside of our ability to express how much we want to get our hands on these amazing looking products come fall.  As if the flowers and the breezes and the glory of summer weren't enough to keep me happy for the next couple of months...the anticipation of this collection will definitely keep a smile on our faces!

Have you seen the new collection from Nars?  Which products are you most excited to try?


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