Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mysteries of the Unknown--Eye of the Day

Remember those commercials from the 80s for the Time-Life Book Series "Mysteries of the Unknown?"

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" CHICAGO.  A man is about to get on a routine flight.  Suddenly, he pauses.  He doesn't know why...but he's got to walk away.  An hour later, the plane goes down in flames."

"THE MID-WEST.  A mother feels a sharp pain in her right hand.  Far away, at that exact same moment, her daughter screams as she touches a hot pan."

We were fascinated by those commercials as kids...and looking back, they are pretty easy to mock....UFOs?  Psychics?  Out of Body Experiences?  Come on!

Well...we've got a new installment that has changed our tune:

"WYOMING.  Two women, literally BLOCKS away from each other, make almost identical choices in their usually diverse beauty regimens...TWICE in the same week.  Is it possible that they were twins...who were, as many suspect Kenny Chesney and Sean Payton were...

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...separated at birth?"

Nope...not a chance.  

But still...we're weirding out a little bit here.  We already told you how earlier this week, we both decided to try a brand new nail look...on the same night.  

If that weren't enough to alert Time-Life Books, it should be reported that this morning...although each of us has almost an endless (okay, it's not endless...but how awesome would that be?) supply selections for eye look choices...we both reached for our Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palettes and created very similar looks.

Sends chills down your spine, right?

Okay...probably not.  It did make us laugh, though, to find out that we, once again, were kind of channeling each other this morning.  :)

Check out K's version of one of J's favorite eye looks...hahaha...for today's Eye of the Day:

We really don't buy too much into a lot of that paranormal stuff...but if we show up to our next Glam Night both wearing blue shirts...we might just become believers after all.  ;)


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