Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just What the Doctor Ordered! Eye of the Day

So...as a general rule, none of us is a huge fan of going to the doctor, right?  The fact of the matter is that the majority of the doctors in our lives are very rarely even close to being McHotties...

 Photo courtesy of fanpop.com

...which proves problematic when they don't have super sexiness to make up for the fact that they are poking/prodding/pinching/grabbing at us when we're often feeling our most vulnerable. 

Pretty much the only doctors we enjoy visiting are eye doctors, because often times we can get out of their office with fabulous accessories... :)

Photo courtesy of atlantavisionoptical.com

...but even Coach sunglasses fail to make the doctor our favorite place to go.
One set of doctors that we NEVER avoid, however, are the ones behind Physicians Formula.  They are doctors, right?  I mean...they couldn't call it Physicians Formula if it didn't come from actual physicians, right?  I hope so, or else the logic of this whole post is going right out the window. ;)
Photo courtesy of addictedtosaving.com

Over the years we have experimented with several different products from PF, and have ALWAYS come out of said experiments with smiles on our beautiful faces.  Simply put, even if the creators of these products aren't REAL doctors...(which, we still think they are)...they've come up with a line that are high quality, are easily blendable, and always a joy to work with.

K demonstrates what fabulous things can come from "Playing Doctor"...using Physicians Formula's Smoky Palette to create today's Eye of the Day:

Fabulous results...are just what the doctor ordered!

Do you use Physicians Formula?  What's your favorite PF product?


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